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National Council for Audiovisual Broadcasting

Decision No. 14/1999
concerning the translation into Romanian of some programs broadcast in other languages

18 February 1999

ART. 1

The programs broadcast within the territory of Romania in other languages than Romanian, via radio waves or satellite, based on a licence issued by the National Council for Audio-Visual Broadcasting, and the programs broadcast in other languages than Romanian within the framework of the services mentioned under art. 21 point b) and c) of Law No. 48/1992 shall be subtitled or translated into Romanian.


Artistic films and television series shall be subtitled or synchronized in Romanian.

ART. 3

Documentaries (scientific, educational, arts), programs for children and other programs recorded through different means can be translated by means of either subtitles or voice off.

ART. 4

As regarding the interviews, talk-shows and other programs broadcast live in other languages, their translation into Romanian shall be pronounced entirely between sentences, groups of sentences or speeches, as the case may be.

ART. 5

Videoclips and those parts of the foreign language courses which due to the conception of the lessons do not need to be translated are excepted from the provisions of art. 3.

ART. 6

News broadcast within the framework of programs addressed to national minorities, scheduled in the particulars, integral part of the broadcasting license, are excepted from the provisions of art. 4.

Source: Unofficial Translation
Official Gazette of Romania, No. 88, 2 March 1999