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Criminal Procedure Code

(adopted on 24 March 1961, amended as of 20.06.2002)


Article 6. Personal Inviolability and Freedom


Any detained or arrested person should be informed within three hours and in the language she/he understands about the cause of his detention or arrest and on the legal qualification of the crime she/he is suspected or accused of committing. This fact should be noted in the protocol of detention or in the arrest warrant.


[Article 6 as amended by the Law no. 1579-XIII from 27/02/1998]


Article 8. Judicial Procedure based on the Principle of Equality of Citizens before the Law and Courts

The judicial procedure is based on the principle of equality of all citizens before the law and the court irrespective of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, opinions, political affiliation, property, social origin, type of occupation, domicile or citizenship, as well as other circumstances.

[Article 8 as modified by Law from 10/04/1996]


Article 11. The Language of the Judicial Procedure

The judicial procedure is held in Moldovan language or in the language accessible to the majority of participants in the criminal case.
Participants, which do not understand the language of the procedure are entitled to make both verbal and written declarations, statements; to be introduced with lawsuit documents; as well as to speak during court proceedings in their mother tongue and to benefit from services of an interpreter according to the provisions of the present Code.
The judicial and procedural documents, originated from investigative institutions and courts, shall be translated and handed in to the suspect, person before trial, and the accused in his/her mother tongue or in another language she/he understands.

[Art. 11 as amended by the Law No. 1090 XIV from 23/06/2000]
[Par. 1, Art. 11 as amended by the Law from 10/04/1996]
[Par. 1, Art. 11 as amended by the Law No. 758-XIII from 18/10/1991]
[Art. 11 as amended by the Ukase from 01/12/1983 ]


Source: Unofficial Translation