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22 August, 2000, RigaRegulations No. 291

The Procedure of Certifying Document Translations into the State Language

Issued according to Part 3, Article 10
of the State Language Law

1. These regulations shall stipulate the procedure of certification of the translation into the state language of a document, to be issued on the territory of Latvia, if legislative acts do not require submitting the translation of such a document, certified by a Notary Public, or establish another procedure.

2. It is forbidden to certify:

2.1. correctness of a translation of a passport, document replacing it, service identity document card, deputy identity document card, membership card of a social or public organisation.
2.2. translations of such a document that are written in pencil or on several pages if they are not numbered, bound with a thread and their number has not been certified with the issuer's stamp's imprint and the signature of a competent official, as well as to certify the translations of such a document where corrections, erasings, addings and crossings are not confirmed and signed.

3. The requirement of binding pages, stamp imprint and signature of a competent official shall not be applied to a document the author of which is a physical person.

4. State and municipal institutions, courts and the institutions belonging to the judicial system, as well as state and municipal enterprises (companies) (hereafter institutions) shall consider a document in a foreign language if a physical or juridical person has submitted the document according to the competency of the institution, by adding also a translation of the document in the state language.

5. Only the original document or its derivative (copy, extract or duplicate) that has been certified by a Notary Public may be submitted to an institution.

6. Certifying correctness of the translation of a document, the translator on the last page after the text draws up a certification inscription in the state language that shall contain:

6.1. in capital letters written words 'TRANSLATION CORRECT';
6.2. name, family name, personal code of the translator;
6.3. signature of the translator and its deciphering;
6.4. name of the place of translation;
6.5. date of translation;

7. For the losses incurred due to incorrectness of the translation, translator shall be responsible according to the Civil Code.

8. Implementation of these Regulations shall be supervised by the State Language Centre.

9. These regulations shall take effect on September 1, 2000.

Prime MinisterA.Berzins
Minister of JusticeI.Labucka

Source: Unofficial translation