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22 August, 2000 RigaRegulations No 287

Statute of the
State language center
Latvian language expert commission

Issued in accordance with
Paragraph 3 of Article 23
of the State Language Law

1. The Latvian language expert commission (hereinafter Ė Commission) is established to promote the achievement of the goals determined in the State Language Law: preserving, protecting and development of the Latvian language.

2. The commission is a specialized collegial institution that, fulfills the following tasks:

2.1. codifies the norms of the Latvian literary language;
2.2. specifies and develops new norms of the Latvian literary language;
2.3. participates in developing of the methodological publications of the State Language Center.

3. The Commissionís personnel is composed by specialists of different branches of linguistics, as well as specialists of culture, science and education.

4. The Commissionís personnel is confirmed by the Minister of Justice upon the advice of the Director of the State Language Center.

5. The Commission consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, 19 commission members and a secretary who participates in the commissionís work with the rights of an advisor.

6. Chairman of the Commission, deputy chairman and secretary are elected by the majority of Commission members.

7. The Chairman of the Commission calls for and chairs Commission meetings not less than once per month.

8. The Commissionís secretary takes minutes of the meeting and summarizes the proposals expressed during the meeting, as well as supplies the Commission members with the necessary materials.

9. A Commission meeting has the right to pass decisions if not less than one half of the Commission members participate.

10. The Commission passes decisions and statements if more than a half of the participating members voted for them.\

11. Commissionís decisions and statements are signed by the Chairman of the Commission and the Director of the State Language Center.

12. Decisions of the Commission have a recommendatory nature.

13. The Commission may establish sub-commissions. The Statutes of the sub-commissions are confirmed by the Director of the State Language Center.

14. Commissionís work is financed within the expenditure plan of the State Language Center.

15. Regulations take effect September 1, 2000.

Prime MinisterA. Berzins
Justice MinisterI. Labucka

Source: Unofficial translation