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Government Decree

No. 34/1990. (VIII. 30.)
on the Office for National and Ethnic Minorities
amended by Government Decree 128/1998. (VII.15.)

Section 1

The Government sets up an Office for National and Ethnic Minorities (hereinafter: Office) for the purpose of carrying our state tasks related to the national and ethnic minorities in Hungary.

Section 2

It is the tasks of the Office:

(1) to prepare Government minority policy decisions, to elaborate the conception for minority policy, to continuously evaluate respect of the rights of the national and ethnic minorities; to evaluate the situation of the minorities, to make analyses;

(2) a) to participate in the preparation of the law on minorities, in the elaboration of the Government programme serving the execution of the law;

b) to co-ordinate the implementation of the tasks of the Government programme related to minorities;

c) to follow with attention the implementation of minority tasks falling within the scope of other state administrative organs;

d) to initiate measures as required;

(3) to prepare the decisions, resolutions and stands of the Government in connection with the minorities; to take part in assessing and co-ordinating state decisions and resolutions affecting also the minorities;

(4) a) to maintain continuous relations with the parliamentary commissioner for national and ethnic minority rights, the organizations representing minority interests and other minority organizations;

b) to promote the exchange of views and information between the Government and the minority organizations;

c) to participate - through co-ordination with the minority organizations - in the identification of interests and specific minority demands;

d) to operate a Minority Experts Council in order to increase the efficiency of its work;

(5) a) to carry out tasks related to the operation of the foundation "For National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary";

b) to prepare Government-level financing programmes related to minority tasks;

c) to make proposals for earmarked contributions for minorities;

(6) to follow with attention the position of public opinion on minorities, the Hungarian and international press;

(7) to operate an information and legal advisory service in the direction of the minority population, the public administration bodies and the mass media; to regularly inform public opinion through the press and in other ways on the implementation of minority policy;

(8) to keep documentation on demands and tasks related to the minorities, on the situation of the minorities; to establish and maintain relations in this direction with scholarly institutes and workshops;

(9) to cultivate relations with the mother countries of the minorities and with their language-nations in the spirit of the principles based on international conventions, in the interest of the minorities living in our country;

(10) to maintain relations with international organizations and institutions dealing with the protection of the rights of minorities living in the different countries.

Section 3

(1) The Office is an autonomous organ of state administration with nationwide competence. It operates under the supervision of the Minister of Justice.

(2) The President of the Office is appointed by the Prime Minister, at the proposal of the Minister of Justice.

(3) The vice-president of the Office is appointed by the Minister of Justice, at the proposal of the President of the Office.

(4) The organizational and operating order of the Office is determined by the President of the Office, with the approval of the Minister of Justice.

Section 4

The Office is a budget-financed organ with full sphere of authority and partly independent management. From 1 January 1999 onwards its budget constitutes a separate item in the chapter of the Ministry of Justice.

Section 5

This decree comes into force on the day of its proclamation; the resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 1048/1989. (IV.24.) MT. on the College of Nationalities of the Council of Ministers simultaneously ceases to have effect.

signed by dr. József Antall,

Prime Minister

Source: Website of the Office for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary