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ACT LXXX of 1993
on Higher Education


Section 8

The general language of tuition will be Hungarian. However, but higher education can be provided in all the languages of the national and ethnic minorities, and, wholly or in part, in another language.


Section 97

(1) On the basis of a successful final examination, the higher education institution shall issue a diploma for the student. The diploma shall be an official document supplied with the coat of arms of the Republic of Hungary which will testify to the successful completion of studies in the field of study named on the diploma.

(2) Higher education institutions shall issue the diploma - with attention to Paras. (3) and (4) below - in a form according with their traditions and in such a way that it may be identified and checked.

(3) The certificate shall contain the name of the higher education institution issuing it; the name of the holder of the diploma suitable for his/her identification; the date and place of his/her birth; the qualification or degree awarded and the field of study; the name of the form of education; and the place, year, month and day of issue (awarding, inauguration). In addition, it must contain the original signature of the head of the higher education institution (or institution or faculty head laid down in the Regulations), and of the chairman of the final examination committee or of the doctoral examination committee. It shall also bear the seal of the institution, and all the data ordered to be shown in the Regulations of the higher education institution. Only higher education institutions possessing the permission to start the given major may use the name of the qualification determined in the Governmental decree when issuing the diploma or certificate.

(4) A diploma must be issued in Hungarian or in the Hungarian and Latin languages, and, in the case of nationality and ethnic minority education, in the nationality and ethnic minority language. Exceptionally, in accordance with the decision of the higher education institution, it may be issued in the language of instruction.


Source: Office for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary