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Czech Republic


(Adopted decision of the Czech National Council, December 16, 1992)

Chapter One
General provisions

Article 3
(1) Fundamental Rights and Freedoms are guaranteed to everyone without differences based on sex, race, color of skin, language, faith and religion, political and other believe, national or social origin, belonging to national or ethnic minority, property, kinship or other position.
(2) Everyone has a right to decide freely about their nationality. It is prohibited any influence of this decision and all forms of pressure leading to denationalization.


Chapter Three
Rights of National and Ethnic Minorities

Article 24

The national or ethnic identity of any individual shall not be used to his or her detriment.

Article 25

(1) Citizens who constitute national or ethnic minorities are guaranteed all- round development, in particular the right to develop with other members of the minority their own culture, the right to disseminate and receive information in their language, and the right to associate in ethnic associations. Detailed provisions in this respect shall be set by law.
(2) Citizens constituting national and ethnic minorities are also guaranteed under conditions set by law:
(a) the right to education in their language,
(b) the right to use their language in official contact,
(c) the right to participate in the settlement of matters concerning the national and ethnic minorities.

Article 37

1) Everybody has the right to refuse making a statement if he or she would thereby incriminate himself or herself or a close person.
2) Everybody has the right to legal assistance in proceedings held before courts, other organs of the State, or public administration organs from the beginning of such proceedings.
3) All parties are equal in the proceedings.
4) Whoever states that he or she does not speak the language in which the proceedings are conducted is entitled to the services of an interpreter.

Source: website of the Parliament of the Czech Republic