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Republic of Croatia

Identity Card Law

(Zagreb, 1 February 2002)


III. Identity Card sheet


Article 8.

Identity Card sheet is printed in Croatian and English languages and Latin script, it is filled out in Croatian language and Latin script only.

When regulated with a special law or international agreements, sheet of Identity card for a member of national minority group, shall be printed in the language of national minority.

Sheet mentioned in row 2 of this Article shall be filled out in Croatian language and Latin script and language and scripts of members of national minorities.


Article 31.

On the day of its entry into force, this Law shall supersede the present Law on Identity Card (“Official Gazette”, No. 53/91., 9/92., 26/93. and 29/94.).

Article 32.

This Law shall come into effect on the eighth day after its publication in the Official Gazette, its’ implementation starts on 1 January 2003.

Class: 221-01/01-01/01
Zagreb, 23 January 2002.
Croatian Parliament
President of
Croatian Parliament
Zlatko Tomcic, v. r.

Source: Unofficial translation