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Republika Hrvatska

Law on Holidays, Memorial Days and Days off in Republic of Croatia

(adopted on November 15, 2002)

Article 1.

Holidays in Republic of Croatia are:

- 1 January - New Year’s Day
- 6 January - Epiphany
- Easter Monday - Second Day of Easter
- Ascension Day
- 1 May - May Day/Labor Day
- 22 June - Day of Antifascism
- 25 June - Croatian Statehood Day
- 5 August - Thanksgiving Day
- 15 August - Assumption
- 8 October- Independence Day
- 1 November - All Hallows
- 25 and 26 December - Christmas Day

These holidays are non-working days in Republic of Croatia.


Article 3.

Citizens of Republic of Croatia who celebrate Christmas on 7 January, those of Islamic religious affiliation during the days of Ramazan bajram and Kurban bajram as well as those of Jewish religious affiliation in a days of Roš Hašana and Jom Kipur have the right to be absent from work.

Article 4.

If one of these days from the Article 1. and 3. of this Law is Sunday, holiday or non working day, this free day shall not be extended onto the next day.

Article 5.

Employees have the right to salary for the days mentioned in Articles 1. and 3. of this Law.

Article 6.

Government of Republic of Croatia can designate which state and other public services and other legal and physical persons are obliged to work in a days of holidays in republic of Croatia.

Article 7.

On the day of enactment of Law on Holidays, Memorial Days and Days off in Republic of Croatia (“Narodne novine”, No 33/96), previous Law on holidays and free days in Republic of Croatia will be no longer valid (“Narodne novine”, No. 14/91.).

Source: Official Gazette No 136, 2002, Unofficial translation