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Republic Croatia

Criminal Procedure Law



Chapter X.
Article 125.

(5) Expenses of translation into the languages of minorities in Republic of Croatia resulting from the implementation of minority language rights under the Constitution and the Law on Rights of Ethnic and National Minorities in Croatia shall not be charged for the persons who are required to meet the expenses of criminal procedure under the regulations of this Law.


Article 527.

Regulations in Article 3., Article 90. and Article 157. to 169. of the Law on changes and amandments of the Criminal Procedure Law (»Official Gazette«, No. 58/02.) shall be implemented as of 1 January 2003.

Clarified text of the Criminal Procedure Law includes Criminal Procedure Law («Official Gazette», No. 110/97.) and its changes and ammandements published in «Official Gazette» No. 27/98., 58/99., 112/99., 58/02. and 143/02. with the dates of their coming into effect.

Class: 740-02/02-01/01
Zagreb, 14 March 2003.

Croatian Parliament – the Council for legislation
Josip Leko, dipl. iur., v. r.

Source: Unofficial translation