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27 June 2000


Article 1.

During the period of 1 to 15 April 2001, a census on population, households and flats (in further text referred as: Census) will be held in the Republic of Croatia.


Article 2.

Census will register following items:

1) persons who are citizens of Republic of Croatia, foreign citizens, and persons without citizenship but holding permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, regardless the fact whether they are present in Croatia or are abroad at the very moment of census, as well as persons who hold temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia in the moment of census,

2) households of persons mentioned in part 1. of this Article. In the framework of this Law, household is referred as every family or other community of persons who live together and spend their incomes on basic life necessities (flat, food etc), i.e. person who lives alone in the place where census takes part and does not have household in some other city of Republic of Croatia or abroad (single household). Census will include so called institutional household, that consists of persons who live in institutions for permanent child and adult care, in hospitals for permanent care of heavily ill persons, convents, military objects, judicial police, refugee camps etc.,

3) flats and other inhabited places. In the sense of this Law, flat is a constructionally connected object meant for living, that contains one or more rooms with additional rooms (kitchen, (…), bathroom, toilet etc.) or without additional rooms, and it has own and separate entrance. Census will register other rooms and objects that cannot be classified according to the flat definition but are used for living in the time of census.


Article 5.

Persons mentioned in the Article 2 of this Law are obliged to provide exact and complete answers to all questions provided in Census filling forms.

Persons mentioned in the Article 2 of this Law are not obliged to claim their national or religious affiliation and the filling form has to have included a notice on this matter.

Article 6.

Basic census filling forms, Filling form and Flat and household Questionnaire are printed in Croatian language and Latin script in such a way that is computer readable. The answers will be also recorded in Croatian language and Latin script. Data collector is obliged to notify members of national minorities of their right to be shown samples of basic census filling forms written in language and script of their national minority.


Article 18.

Croatian Bureau of Statistics:


6. organizes printing and distribution of Basic and auxiliary census filling forms, instructions and predicted equipment as well as samples of Basic filling forms in national minorities’ languages and scripts,


Article 44.

The implementation of this Law begins on the eight day after its publication in “Narodne novine”.

Class: 953-02/00-01/01
Zagreb, 27 June 2000.

President of
House of Representatives of
Croatian National Parliament
Zlatko Tomčić

Source: Unofficial translation