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Law on Associations

18 June 1997

I. Basic provisions

Article 1

(1) This Act regulates establishment, structure, legal status and cancellation of foreign association activities, if not otherwise provided by law.

(2) Provisions of as Act do not apply to trade unions and employer associations with the exception of the Article 38, paragraph 5 and 6, the Article 41 of this Act, nor to political parties and religious communities.

Article 2

(1) In the sense of this Act, an association represents a form of voluntary alliance of several citizens and legal entities residents of the Republic of Croatia, who with the purpose of protecting and promoting their common ecological, economic, humanitarian, informative, cultural, ethnic and national, educational, social, professional, sport, technical, health, scientific, and other interests and objectives, as well as their convictions, without intention of making profit, observe the rules regulating the establishment and activities of an association, if not otherwise provided by law.

(2) An association is a legal entity. An association becomes a legal entity when entered into the register of associations.


Law enforcement

Article 43.

The implementation of this Law begins on the eight day after its publication in “Narodne novine”.

Class: 230-01/97-01/01
Zagreb, 18 June 1997


President of
House of Representatives of
Croatian National Parliament

akademik Vlatko Pavletić, v. r.

Source: Unofficial translation