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Law on the High Education

Promulgated - State Gazette (SG), No.112 from 27 December 1995 with many amendments the last one from SG No.54/2000


Article 3

The high laic education is independent from ideologies, religions and political doctrines. It is realized in accordance with the universal values and national traditions.

Article 4

In the high education no privileges and restrictions are allowed based on age, race, nationality, ethnic belonging, sex, social origin, political opinions and religion with the exception of the cases explicitly mentioned in the Rules of the activities of the high educational institution according to the specificity of the education and the future profession.


Article 22

The autonomy of the high educational institution cannot be violated through:

1. interference in the activities of the high educational institution except for the cases explicitly mentioned in a law;
2. entering and remaining on the premises of the security services and institutions ensuring public order without the consent of the academic authorities, except for the prevention of an immediately pending or started criminal activity, for arresting its perpetrator as well as during natural disasters and accidents;
3. creation and activities of political and religious organizations in the high educational institution;
4. exercising of activities, hindering constitutional rights of members of the academic community, related to race, nationality, ethnic belonging, origin, religion, opinion, political belonging.


Additional provisions

3.(1) High educational institutions and departments of theology apply this law in accordance with the acts for their creation and the norms regulating the relationships between the state and religious denominations.


Source: Unofficial translation