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Rules and regulations for the application of the National Education Act

Promulgated - State Gazette (SG), No.68/1999 Amended - SG, No.19/2000


Article 4

The laic education shall not admit the imposition on the students of any ideological and religious doctrines.

In the laic schools religions are studied in a historical, philosophical and cultural aspect through the educational content of the various school disciplines.

In the laic schools religions can be studied in the classes for the freely selectable program.


Article 8

Education of children and students in the system of national education shall be carried out in the literary Bulgarian language.

In the schools, in which a foreign language is studied intensively, school subjects are taught in the foreign language if this is envisaged with the educational plan of the school.

Students for whom Bulgarian is not the mother tongue can study their mother tongue in the municipal schools according to the state educational standards for the respective educational level, general educational minimum and the educational plan.

Mother tongue as defined by these rules is the language on which the child communicates in his/her family.


Source: Unofficial translation