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Civil Procedure Code

Promulgated, Reports No.12 from 8 February 1952, with many amendments, the last one from SG No.92/2000


Article 98

The statement of claim should be written in Bulgarian and should contain the following:

a) indication of the court;
b) the name and address of the claimant and defendant, their legal representatives or attorneys, is any, as well as the unified civil number of the claimant and the facsimile and telex number, if any; c) the price of the claim, when it is assessable;
d) setting forth the circumstances on which the claim is grounded.;
e) what the demand is and
f) signature of the person, filing the application.


Article 478

When any of the participating persons does not know Bulgarian language and the language, which it uses is unknown to the notary public, he/she shall appoint a translator.


Article 480

The following may not be witnesses, interpreters and translators:

a) the incapable persons;
b) those illiterate in Bulgarian language;
c) those, who are in any of the relations specified in art. 471 with the persons under art. 468 or with the notary public. The interpreter may be a relative of the person participating in the proceedings;
d) the persons, to whose benefit there is a provision in the act;
e) the blind, deaf and dumb persons and
f) the persons working in the notary's office and the employees in the office in charge of entries.


Source: Unofficial translation