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Rules for the Arbitration Court of the Bulgarian Chamber of Comers and Industry

Adopted by the Executive Committee with a decision in Protocol No.1 from 31 March 1993 and entered into force from 1 July 1993


Submission of documents for the case

Article 10

(1) All documents are to be submitted in as many copies as required in order that every party has one and the Court of Arbitration - not less than two copies.
(2) Documents indicated in para. 1, with the exception of written evidence (para.3 of Art.29), are to be submitted in the language in which the contract was concluded or in the language in which the parties communicated between themselves or in the Bulgarian language. The translation of the papers is done by the Secretary at the expense of the party submitting the papers.
(3) Bulgarian companies submit documents in the Bulgarian language, accompanied with a translation in the language in which they communicated with the other party, when itís seat or domicile is abroad.


Language of the proceedings

Article 23

The hearing of the case is in Bulgarian, but if one of the parties has its seat or domicile abroad, they can agree to use other language, except if the case is of the compulsory jurisdiction or the party that has its seat or domicile abroad does not know Bulgarian language. The agreement must be reached before the constitution of the decisive body. The latter appoints an interpreter for the party that does not know Bulgarian. The expenses are covered by that party no matter what the outcome of the proceedings is.


Source: Unofficial translation