Announcement for 98 ASN conference

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Subject: Announcement for 98 ASN conference

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Announcement for 98 ASN conference

Call for Papers

"Reassessing the Transition Democracy, Market, and the Nation"
ASN 3rd Annual Convention
International Affairs Building,
Columbia University, NY
Sponsored by the Harriman Institute
16-19 April 1997
The ASN Annual Convention has become the essential meeting point and
"talk shop" for the academic and policymaking communities interested in
issues of
national identity, ethnic conflict and state-building in the
world. The Convention has been steadily growing since its inception in
1996, boasting over 350 participants and 45 panels in 1997. Convention 
participants come from a broad array of professional backgrounds:
political scientists, economists, historians, sociologists, linguists,
journalists, policy makers, and diplomats among others. The Convention
is also attracting an ever larger group of participants from outside
North America, particularly from Europe and Eurasia.
As before, the Convention will be hosted by the Harriman Institute at
Columbia University. The Harriman and ASN share a long history of close
cooperation, going back to the successful series of joint annual
seminars in the late 1980s/early 1990s discussing the rise of
nationalities and the unravelling of the Soviet Empire.
Although ASN as an organisation focuses, as its area of expertise, on
East Central Europe and Eurasia, papers and panels engaging in
cross-area comparisons are most welcome. Proposals for panels whose
participants come from different disciplines are also encouraged.
Application Procedures:
Proposals can be either for complete panels, roundtables or for
individual papers. The proposals for panels must include a chair, no
more than three paper givers, and one discussant. Proposals for
roundtables must include a chair and no more than four participants.
Please note that participants can only deliver one paper, and can only
appear, in various capacities, on a maximum of two panels.
Applicants must include the following information on their registration
For a panel:
 *The title of the panel
 *The name, affiliation, phone, fax, and email of the organizer
  (applicant), of all paper-givers (along with the title of their
papers),    of the chair, and of the discussant(s)
 *Whether audiovisual equipment (projector and screen) will be required
For a roundtable:
 *The title of the roundtable
 *The name, affiliation, phone, fax, and email of the organizer, the
  and all participants
For an individual paper:
 *The title of the paper and the name, affiliation, phone, fax and email
of   its author
In order to accept individual submissions, the Program Committee may add
individual papers to existing panels. This is why full contact
particularly email, are critical in the submissions.
The proposals must be sent, by email, fax or regular mail, to the
Program Chairs:
North America:
Dominique Arel
Watson Institute
Brown University, Box 1970
Two Stimson Ave.
Providence, RI 02912, USA
(401) 863 9296 tel
(401) 863 1270 fax
Sophia Clément
Union de l'Europe Occidentale
Institut d'Etudes de Sécurité
75775 Paris Cedex 16
(33 1) 53 67 22 00 tel
(33 1) 53 67 81 78 fax
    (c/o Clément)
The deadline for the receipt of all proposals is 12 December 1997.
To obtain registration forms, or for any question regarding the
program, please feel free to contact the Program Chairs.

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