Transitions - the next issue

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Subject: Transitions - the next issue

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Transitions - the next issue

Content of the next issue of Transitions (Vol.4 No.5, October 1997): 
>From the Editor 


Notes from Along the Way (Oiling Armenian-Russian relations; Hunting
haunted politicians; A kinder, gentler Albania and more) 

Trends: What's for Dinner?, by Michael Wyzan 

In their Own Words (Chiding Azerbaijan's Muslim leaders; Slamming
'Slavic Nazism' in Belarus; A Bulgarian communist confesses)

Painting the Way to Perestroika: Prophets, heroes, and traitors in the
long war between art and the Soviet state, by Konstantin Akinsha 

Democracy, Destiny, and the Clash of Civilizations: Non-European,
non-Protestant, non-Anglo-Saxon and so dangerous to the civilized
Western world, by Aleksa Djilas

Reading and Writing in 'Western': Who and what is 'Western'? That
depends on where you're standing, by Zsolt Farkas 


Thank the Taliban for the Tajik Peace Agreement, by Rasheed Abdullaev
and Umed Babakhanov (How the Aphgan war prompted peace talks)

The Spirit of 1920 in America's NATO Debate, by Piotr Wandycz (This
time, will America do the right thing?) 

The Four Faces of Mother Russia, by Vladimir Shlapentokh (Russia's
disorderly ruling classes) 

The Kosovar Volcano, by Janusz Bugajski (Serbia's Albanians may soon say
'no' to nonviolence) 

Combating Gender Bias: Round Two, by Zsuzsa Ferge (As societies frow
freer, women grow poorer) 

Which Way is Right?, by Jane L. Curry (For Polish voters, politics is a

Cartoons (Belarus, Montenegro, Romania) 

Books: 91.6 MHZ - Voices Against Guns, reviewed by Andrea Zlatar 

Point-Counter-Point: Should Indicted War Criminals Be Tried in Absentia?
Herman Schwartz - Susan Lamb

Media Watch: Central Europe laps up news on the Net; Republika Srpska's
televised power struggle 

Media Profile: In Russia, private doesn't mean independent, by Andrei

Cityscape: Moscow's Architectural Melting Pot, by John Varoli       

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