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Recent Romnews postings

Stahmer stands up for a permanent place in Dreilinden
Germany/Berlin (Romnews Correspondent)  15.10.98

Senator Ingrid Stahmer stands up for the planned site for Sinti and
Roma in Dreilinden. The hygienic and environmental conditions could be
improved by this and it would be cheaper than the provisional
arrangements up to now. The SPD-politician referred to the more than
200.000 Sinti and Roma who were murdered during the time of the
national socialism. As the Sinti and Roma are not allowed to carry out
their trade from a caravan site, all bigger towns in the Federal
Republic offer places for migrating families of this minority.

A Sign for Non Limitation of Injustice
Ten Years Hamburg Foundation „Help for NS victims of persecution“

Germany/Hamburg (Romnews Correspondent) 16.10.98

They support the forgotten victims of the Nazi regime. 1.120 people
received financial aid form the foundation up to now. Now  the
foundation can celebrate ist 10th anniversary and has paid nearly 12
millions DM of compensation during this period.

The recipients are people who were persecuted because of their
political opinion, racial descent, sickness or a handicap. Since 1970
they could no longer apply for compensation. In September 1988 the
foundation was founded in Hamburg for those people who did not get any

The foundation regularly pays amounts between 250 and 650 DM per month
or like in most of the cases a single aid of 6.500 DM maximum. These
payments are voluntary. President Gerhard Wundermacher says "We
consider each personal situation and what one has gone through".

The board of directors has 11 members. They respresent the Jewish
community, the Roma and Cinti organization and associations of
political persecutors. Most of the decisions are made unanimously. The
examination of an application takes about six months on average. At
present the foundation pays out approx. 100.000 DM per month. Due to
Wundermacher there is still some money left for the time being. The
Hamburg senat placed 20 millions DM at the disposal of the foundation
ten years ago.

At present the biggest group with 377 people are Jewish immigrants
from the former Sovjet union. Also 240 Roma and Cinti and 81 former
forced labourers gained redress. To get financial aid one must be
living in Hamburg for at least two years.

There is only one similar institution existing in Berlin. Social
senator Karin Roth (SPD) of Hamburg said on occasion of the
anniversary: "Hamburg has pointed the way to the future with this
foundation. It makes an indispensable contribution to understanding
and reconciliation with the victims of the Nazi regime. It is also a
sign that injustice never comes under the statute of limitations."

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