New book on NGOs in foreign aid

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Subject: New book on NGOs in foreign aid

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New book on NGOs in foreign aid

Terje Tvedt: Angels of Mercy or Development Diplomats. NGOs & Foreign
Aid. Oxford: James Currey; Trenton: Africa World Press.
I quote from the publishers' description of the book::
"Non-Govermental Organizations (NGOs) have become central to the
administration of foreign aid during the last two decades. Under
Clinton the NGO share of USAID went up from 13% to 50%. The funds
transferred by northern NGOs have increased at twice the rate for
international aid as a whole.
This book analyses and questions this great change.
- Do NGOs provide a convenient excuse for spending cuts? Or are NGOs
genuinely better at spending the budgets than government agencies?
- Is the relationship between states and societies being changed, even
in remote rural corners of the world?
- And what about NGO staff? Are they angels of mercy, government paid
development diplomats, propagandists for a triumphant West or
instruments in a coming clash between civilizations?
The cases of Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Bangladesh and
Nicaragua shed some light on questions such as these. They provide
evidence so that debates can be better informed and less influenced by
political rhetoric and untenable myths about NGO achievements.
Terje Tvedt puts forward strong criticism of the central theories and
concepts which have dominated research and discourse on development
NGOs. He proposes and demonstrates different analytical approaches.
Terje Tvedt is Research Director, Centre for Development Studies,
University of Bergen
Contents: Introduction - In search of the development NGOs - Why do
development NGOs exist? - How to analyse an NGO scene I: some
alternative perspectives - How to analyse an NGO scene II: the
Norwegian sub-system - NGOs and the 'Articles of Faith' - NGOs at 'the
End of History' - NGOs: angels of mercy or state-financed development
The book can be ordered through the Center for Developmnets Studies by
returning this mail or directly to James Currey Publishers; or by fax to 44 1865 24 64 54.

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