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Georgian digest: excerpts

Compiled by the Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and
Development (CIPDD)
Text: Tamara Shamil
English version: Guram Dumbadze
Editor: Emil Adelkhanov-Steinberg
October 12, 1998
1. Maskhadov Declared America an Enemy. Now It Is Georgia's Turn
Aslan Maskhadov, the Chechen president, said last week that Chechnya
was seriously concerned with America's activities in the Caucasus:
"America is much more dangerous than Russia. That is why we will use
every means to oppose it." This statement was echoed by Soslanbekov,
the former president of the Confederation of Highland Peoples and the
current vice-president of Chechnya, who said that Georgia's attempt to
open the door to the Caucasus for America matched neither Russian
interests nor those of the Caucasian nations. He even said the North
Caucasus might respond to the pro-American policy of Georgia with a
Zurab Gogoberidze. "7 Dge" No. 119, October 12-14, pp. 1, 2
2. Refugees Walking to Tbilisi with the Demands They Made in Batumi
The Co-ordination Council of Refugees from Abkhazia and South Ossetia
has held its congress in Batumi with participation of
populist-patriotic opposition forces, including one of the "Zviadist"
parties. The congress expressed its support to Mr. Abashidze, the
Adjarian leader, who was said to be capable of solving the problem of
Abkhazia, and raised up several demands, from resignation of Eduard
Shevardnadze and Tamaz Nadareishvili (the chairman of the
Tbilisi-based Supreme Council of Abkhazia) to refugees' participation
in local elections. The delegates launched a protest march to Tbilisi.
Beso Djokhadze, George Gudjabidze. "Resonance" No. 279, October 12, p.

October 13, 1998


4. Shevardnadze and Zhvania Are Among Those Who Plan an Assassination
Attempt against Abashidze

The monument of Memed Abashidze, the current Adjarian leader Aslan
Abashidze's grandfather who was the main initiator of Adjaria's
returning under the Georgian jurisdiction, was unveiled in Tbilisi
yesterday. The Georgian political elite, including the president, took
part in the ceremony. A large delegation came from Adjaria, including
Mr. A. Abashidze's sister, but he himself prefered to stay in Batumi.
At his press-conference he, again, blamed the Georgian president and
the chairman of Parliament for plotting an assassination attempt
against him, the newspaper writes. 
Khatuna Bitsadze. "Resonance" No. 280, October 13, pp. 1, 2

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