Vladikavkaz workshop on "Regional Ombudsman"

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Subject: Vladikavkaz workshop on "Regional Ombudsman"

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Vladikavkaz workshop on "Regional Ombudsman"


North Osetia, Tsey, 26-28 September 1998

The International workshop "Development of Ombudsman institute in
North Caucasus region" took place in the tourist hotel "Orbita" in
Tsey gorge in Republic North Osetia - Alania.  This workshop was
organized by department of Human Rights of Council of Europe,
St.Petersburg "Strategy" center for humanities and political science
and by Vladikavkaz Institute of Civilization.

The workshop  became  logical  continuation  of two International
Conferences, organized by Council of Europe and St.Petersburg
"Strategy" Center in first half of 1998 - "Regional Ombudsman: Law
Regulation and Practical Experience" (St.Petersburg, March, 20-21) and
"Introduction of Ombudsman Institute in Ural,  Siberia and Far East of
Russia" (Irkutsk, June, 6-7).

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the perspectives for
development of regional Ombudsman institute on North Caucasus and the
situation with realization of human rights in this region. The special
attention was devoted to the national-cultural peculiarities of this

Administrations officers, deputies of Legislative Bodies, political
scientists, journalists and representatives of Human Rights NGOs from
seven regions of North Caucasus: Republic Dagestan, Chechen Republic -
Ichkeria, Republic Ingushetia, Republic North Osetia - Alania,
Stavropol and Krasnodar Krays and Rostov oblast took part in this
seminar. Ms. Margorie Farquharsen, the representatives of Council of
Europe, and Professor Anders Fogelclow, Uppsala University, Sweden as
well as Dr. Galina Bordier and Dr. Alexander Sungurov from
St.Petersburg "Strategy" Center were the experts and trainer in this

The participants of workshop had the special meeting with Sergey
Takoev - Deputy Prime-Minister of Republic North Osetia - Alania.  On
this meeting he has expressed the will of Republic Government to
create Ombudsman institute in republic.

The program of workshop included three days of intensive (12-14
working hours a day) activity for 22 participants.  For some part of
the seminar the participants were divided in 2-3 smaller groups.  The
training forms were different: lectures, round table sessions,
business-like games, brain storming etc.  Video tape recording was in
use for analysis and self-correction of group behaviour. The methods
of psychological training were used to model and to support the
dialogue between the representatives of different branches of power
and of different groups of society.  This was expected to increase the
level of participants' political culture and tolerance as well. All
participants received the sets of methodical and informational
material for the development of the Regional Ombudsman institute in

During the  business-like games participants of workshops created two
models of conception for the Regional Commissioner for Human Rights
Law, as well as the plans for implementation of this institute for
North Caucasus regions.
Participants of the workshop from seven regions of North Caucasus:
Republic Dagestan, Chechen Republic - Ichkeria, Republic Ingushetia,
Republic North Osetia - Alania, Stavropol and Krasnodar Krays and
Rostov oblast discussed the situation with protection of Human rights,
the perspectives for creation of Ombudsman institute in region, and

1. To consider the formation of Institute of Federal and regional
Ombudsman be a very important element of political reform in Russia
converting our country into democracy federal state.

2. To emphasise the necessity of wide participation in development of
laws for Regional Ombudsman, its election and activities of
representatives of non-governemntal organizations and mainly right
defense movements of regions.

3. To conduct working seminars and conferences devoted to formation
and development of Ombudsman Institute and situation with observing
Human Rights in regions.

4. To consider the necessity of preparation and voting  of Regional
Ombudsman Law for North Caucus with the account of national and
cultural specifics of this region.

5. For the purpose of cooperation and mutual support of activity in
this direction to establish the North Caucus working group "Regional

6. To ask for Department for Human Rights, Council of Europe and for
St.Petersburg "Strategy" Center for the continuation of organizational
and methodical support for the creation of  regional Ombudsman
institute on North Caucus.

Alexander Sungurov
St.Petersburg "Strategy" Center
e-mail strateg@strateg.spb.su

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