Some questions on Estonian laws and practices

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Subject: Some questions on Estonian laws and practices

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Some questions on Estonian laws and practices

1. Does anyone know what happened to the 1997 changes tp the Estonian
Law on Language requiring knowledge of the state language after the
decision of the National Court?
More precisely, I would like to know whether the sections requiring
knowledge of Estonian in the case of:
c) Workers and employees of commercial and nonprofit associations; and
d) Employees of NGOs
have subsequently been implemented, and if yes, what are the practical
This is not quite clear to me at this point.

2. There were fears that after the Law on Public Service entered into
force after 1995 that perhaps as many as 3000 non-citizen civil
servants in Narva alone might be affected and lose their jobs. 

At the time, the government of Estonia insisted if I recall that in
fact few Russian civil servants would in fact lose their jobs in
Estonia, even though they were not citizens.

Can anyone clarify to me what exactly happened in this situation, and
if there were or not large numbers of individuals who did lose civil
service jobs, or if all of this was an exageration.

I think many others mght be interested to find out exactly what

3. The 1989 Language Law of Estonia and Guidelines identified a Level
C fluency in Estonian as a requirement for most retail and service
jobs. I would be interested to find out if this is still the case, and
whether these have actually been implemented.

Does anyone know of any report on the consequences of these

Mille merci!
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