ERRC Newsletter - Summer 1998

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Subject: ERRC Newsletter - Summer 1998

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ERRC Newsletter - Summer 1998

Contents of the European Roma Rights Center Summer 1998 Newsletter:

- Editorial: Agrammatos, by Dimitrina Petrova

- Meet the ERRC: Projects in Romani education: Bulgaria, by Khristo

Snapshots from around Europe:
Roma from Slovakia seek asylum in the United Kingdom
Czech walls
Swiss Fund restricts eligibility for Roma Holocaust survivors
Displaced Kosovo Roma
Anti-Roma incidents in Slovenia
Roma unwanted again in Fejer County, Hungary
Mayor orders trench to be dug around Romani camp in France
Discriminatory job advertising in Hungarian press
Police violence against Roma in Stip, Macedonia
Police raid in Sarulesti, Romania
Police raid in Rudnany, central Slovakia
Flood destroys Romani settlement in Jarovnice, Slovakia
Police abuse of Roma in Bulgaria
Berlin deports Bosnians, among them Roma
Local councillor makes inflammatory statements about Irish Travellers
Retrial opens in Tibor Danihel killing; other judicial developments in
the Czech Republic
Roma community center vandalised in Lodz, Poland
Romani families in Hungarian municipal expulsion case leave town
Anti-Romani civilian violence in Eastern Slavonia, Croatia
Police abuse of Roma in Croatia
Police killing and abuses in Greece
Abuses by police and special police troops in Beglezh, Bulgaria
Public attitudes toward Roma in Ukraine
Czech court banishes Rom with Czech citizenship
Orthodox priest in Greece refuses to baptize Romani children
Attacks on Roma in Slovakia
Harassment of Roma by police in southern Russia

- Notebook - special focus: Roma and the right to education
Everyone has the right to education Article 26: Universal Declaration
of Human Rights (1948)
Roma in the education systems of central and eastern Europe, by Claude
Cahn, David Chirico, Christina McDonald, Viktoria Mohacsi, Tatjana
Peric and Agnes Szekely
Discrimination in education: some thoughts on American law and
experience, by John Vail
The education of Romanies and other Travellers in England and Wales,
by Donald Kenrick

- Testimony
Things a teacher canít forget, by Svetlana Vassileva
How young Roma live, by Vojtech Lavicka

- Field report: The ERRC in Croatia, by Savelina Danova and Rumyan

- Legal defence: Seminar on domestic and international aspects of the
legal protection of Roma, by Nikolai Gughinski

- Advocacy: Killing by skinheads in Bulgaria
Letter of concern to the Bulgarian Minister of Interior, Mr Bogomil
Bonev and the Bulgarian General Prosecutor, Mr Ivan Tatarchev
Reply from the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior

- Past abuses: Death of a Romani man in police custody in Portugal, by
Paul Summers

- Grant guidelines
- Grants awarded
- Grant guidelines in Romani
- Chronicle

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