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Introducing the Peoples' Library (fwd)

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From: associazione per i popoli minacciati <apm-gfbv@ines.gn.apc.org>

Documentation center on minorities,
native peoples and stateless nations
Erkin Alptekin (Eastern Tukestani Union in Europe)
Aureli Argemì (CIEMEN)
Laurent Aubert (Musée Ethnographique de Genéve)
Gustavo Buratti (AIDLCM)
Brunetto Chiarelli (Inst. of Anthropology, Univ. of Florence)
Boris Chichlo (Institut d'Etudes Slaves, Paris)
Alessandro Damiani (EDIT, Rijeka/Fiume)
Mabrouk Ferkal (Conseil Mondial Amazigh)
Gilberto Giuntini (Italian Ethnomusicology Association)
Elina Helander (Nordic Saami Institute)
Guy Hèraud (editor, Europa ethnica)
Poka Laenui (Pacific Asia Council of Indigenous Peoples)
Jean Malaurie (Centre d'Etudes Arctiques, Paris)
Fosco Maraini (Italian Society for Japanese Studies, Florence)
Carla Corradi Musi (Chair of Finno-Ugrian Studies, Univ. of Bologna)
Poka Laenui (Pacific and Asia Council of Indigenous Peoples)
Garth Nettheim (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Massimo Olmi (Minority Rights Group)
Massimo Squillacciotti (Chair of Anthropology, Univ. of Siena)
Norbert Rouland (AFAD, Paris)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen (International Alert)
Michael van Walt van Praag (UNPO)
Tjan Zaotschnaja (University of Munich)
Dear friends,
Have you ever heard about the Peoples' Library?
This is a documentation centre run by the Italian branch of the Society
for Threatened Peoples. It collects magazines and other printed matter
dealing with minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide.

The topics we cover include human rights, law, religions and ecology.
material is freely accessible to scholars, journalists, researchers and
NGO activists. We currently receive periodicals and other publications
from several organizations, such as Minority Rights Group, International
Alert, IWGIA, European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages, Cultural
Survival, ASEN, Institut Kurde, Survival International, etc. Moreover,
scholarly journals such as Native Americas, Europa ethnica,
Nationalities Papers and Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism.

We diffuse a bi-monthly bulletin via E-mail as well, where most of the
publications we receive are reviewed.
We are now trying to broaden our selection and would be very grateful
if you could help us by sending your magazine on a regular basis.
Our library is a no-profit one, thus we are unable to afford
subscriptions, but you will be rewarded as your journal(s) will be
accesssible to new readers and researchers. More precisely, this is what
we offer in return:
- our documentation center is the one of this kind in Italy and each
year is visited by many people -journalists, scholars, NGO activists
(3,500 in 1996)- ;
- we organize public events where the magazines are displayed and their
addresses are circulated;
- we are compiling a list of addresses which will be put on the
your magazine will not be missing of course;
- your magazine and related initiatives, such as books, conferences and
more, will be aired by our mailing list "popoli" (peoples);

- we will review your magazine on our bulletin, which is circulated via
E-mail as well.
Our documentation centre is unique in Italy: please help making it
function in the best possible way.

Many thanks for your attention and collaboration,
Alessandro Michelucci
All printed matter should be sent to the following address:
The Peoples' Library
Associazione per i Popoli Minacciati
P.O. Box  6282
I-50127 Florence (Italy)
E-mail: apm-gfbv@ines.gn.apc.org
http://www.fol.it/apm-gfbv (still under construction)
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