E-NEWS: Silence Kills! Resist Against Intolerance!

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Subject: E-NEWS: Silence Kills! Resist Against Intolerance!

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E-NEWS: Silence Kills! Resist Against Intolerance!


9 November International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism

9 November 1938 was the date of the "Kristallnacht" pogrom in Nazi
Germany. Three days earlier, on November 6th, a Jew, Herschel
Grynszpan, who was angry at the increasingly repressive measures being
adopted in Germany against Jews took revenge by shooting the diplomat
Ernst vom Rath at the German embassy in Paris. The diplomat died two
days later and news of his death reached Germany on 9 November. This
started a massive nationwide pogrom, secretly organised by a section
of the Nazi party, which left many Jews dead in the streets, and
hundreds of Jewish businesses and synagogues burnt, smashed and
destroyed. It marked the beginning of the Holocaust. This year's
commemorations will focus on resistance to intolerance and on the
hatred that started long before WW II and continued long after.


If you are preparing an action, please let us know. A list of
activities has been published in the new Calendar of Internationalism
of this month.
We will update the list continuously.
Please send the form beneath to UNITED
My organisation organises the following activities for 9 November:

My organisation would like to order campaign posters.
Maximum 100 free of charge. If you need more for special purposes,
contact the European secretariat.

Contact person:

Over 2000 deaths as a result of the policies of "Fortress Europe"!
Order posters / postcards and join the protest actions
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