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Subject: ASN 2001 Convention: Call for papers

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ASN 2001 Convention: Call for papers

Call for Papers
"Nation-Making, Past and Present:
Community, Economy, Security"
ASN 6th Annual World Convention
International Affairs Building,
Columbia University, NY
Sponsored by the Harriman Institute
5-7 April 2001
The Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN) has become the most attended international
scholarly gathering dealing with issues of national identity,
nationalism, ethnic conflict and state-building in Central and Eastern
Europe, the former Soviet Union, Central Asia, and adjacent areas. The
Convention continued its impressive growth in 2000 with a record 600+
attendees and 100 panels. More than a hundred participants travelled
from overseas for the event, particularly, but not exclusively, from
Western and Eastern Europe. Panelists' disciplines included political
science, history, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, and
The central theme of the 2001 Convention addresses the interface of
identity politics with economic issues and security/foreign policy
concerns, either in the past or in contemporary developments.
Proposals can focus on particular cases, theoretical questions, or
cross-regional comparison. Papers or panels comparing cases of the
post-Communist world with cases from other regions of the world are
encouraged. Due to continuing instability in the Caucasus and the
Balkans, proposals dealing with these areas are particularly
solicited. Unlike most conventions, ASN accepts individual paper
proposals, although full panel proposals have a greater chance of
being accepted, due to space constraints.
The ASN World Convention's yearly theme specifically refers to a core
number of panels. Since the Convention is far larger in scope than a
thematic conference, we invite, as in previous years, proposals on a
wide range of topics related to identity, nationalism, conflict and
state-building in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union,
Central Asia, and  adjacent areas. Themes in 2000 included Nationalism
and Federalism in the Russian Federation; Ethnic Minorities in
Georgia; Ukrainian Foreign Policy Orientation: East or West?; The
Russian-Chechen War(s); Bosnia after Dayton: Disintegration or
Reintegration; Security, Energy, and Foreign Policy South of Russia;
What Is European Identity?; The Kosovo War; Forced Migrations in the
Balkans and the Caucasus; Valery Tishkov and the Anthropology of
Russia; Approaches to the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict and many more.
The ASN web site ( contains a complete list of the
2000 panels.
Videos/Films. The 2000 Convention was enhanced by the highly
successful screening of short videos (10-15 minutes), accompanying
presentations in regular panels, as well as medium- and full-length
documentaries or feature films in video format, shown as special
screenings followed by a general discussion. The British documentaries
The Valley, on Kosovo, and A Cry from the Grave, on Serbenica, were
some of the highlights of the 2000 Program. For 2001, proposals partly
or entirely revolving around video, film, or audio-visual material
(including slides and power point presentations) are strongly
encouraged. As a rule, the convention intends to show video or film
material produced within the past year or two. Throughout the
convention, one or two of the convention meeting rooms will be
exclusively devoted to the screening of video material. All
suggestions and proposals should be sent to the Program Chair,
Dominique Arel (address below).
Location. The Convention will be held by the Harriman Institute at
Columbia University, New York (address below), and co-sponsored by the
Watson Institute, Brown University, Rhode Island.
Schedule. The convention will begin on Thursday, April 5th, at 1 PM,
and end on Saturday, April 7th in early evening. No panels will be
held on Sunday, and the dates do not coincide with the Jewish and
Orthodox religious holidays, which all take place later in the month.
Panel/Roundtable/Roundtable Proposals. There is no particular
application form to fill out. The vast majority of proposals were
e-mailed to the Program Chair last year, but proposals sent by fax or
regular mail are also accepted. For instructions on the proposals, see
the "Application Information" below. All proposals must be sent to the
Program Chair, Dominique Arel (address below).
Registration. Registration fees are $40 for ASN Members, $60 for
Non-Members ($30 for East European Non-Members) and $25 for Students.
All panel participants have to pre-register by March 15th, 2001.
Non-panel participants are also urged to pre-register early. Please
note that the Convention will be unable to refund preregisterees after
March, 15th, 2001.  Pre-registration by panel participants and
attendees can be done electronically, by fax, or by regular mail. A
registration form can be downloaded from our ASN web page
(, or be requested from Gordon Bardos (address
Funding. Participants are responsible for seeking their own funds to
cover all travel and accommodation costs. ASN is unfortunately unable
to assist participants financially, including applicants from Central
and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Central Asia.
Accommodation. The Convention does not have particular arrangements
with hotels. Our ASN web site (, however, provides
a list of several hotels, in various price ranges. Participants and
attendees are strongly encouraged to reserve as early as possible.
Advertisements/Exhibitors. Several dozen publishers and companies had
exhibits and/or advertised in the Convention Program in 2000. Due to
considerations of space, advertisers and exhibitors are encouraged to
place their order early. For information, please contact the
Convention Director Gordon Bardos (address below).
Convention Papers. The convention papers will be available for sale at
the Convention for $1.50 apiece. That policy has proven a huge success
in the past.
Web Site. Our web site ( provides continuously
updated information on the ASN World Convention.
Membership Subscription to ASN. A yearly membership to ASN is $50, and
$30 for students. Members receive the journal Nationalities Papers
(four times a year), the periodical Analysis of Current Events (ACE,
four times a year), the newsletter ASNews (twice a year) and a
registration discount at the ASN Annual World Convention. Since 1999,
ASN Members also have the option of subscribing to Europe-Asia Studies
at the cut-rate of $55 yearly. A membership form can be downloaded
from our ASN web page (, or be requested from
Gordon Bardos (address below).
We look forward to seeing you at the convention!
Dominique Arel, Program Chair
Gordon Bardos, Convention Director
Application Information
ASN is accepting proposals for panels, roundtables, or individual
papers. There is no particular form to fill out. Proposals can be
emailed (preferably), faxed or mailed to the Program Chair (address
Proposals for panels with presentations based on papers must include:
 * a chair, no more than three paper-givers and a discussant
 * the title of the panel, as well as the title and an abstract (200
to 500 words) for each of the papers
 * the affiliation, postal address, telephone, fax, and email (very
important) of all participants
 * a one-paragraph cv of each participant
Proposals for roundtables must include:
 * a chair and no more than four presentors
 * the title of the roundtable
 * the affiliation, postal address, telephone, fax, and email (very
important) of all participants
 * a one-paragraph cv of each participant

Proposals for individual papers must include:
 * the title and an abstract (200 to 500 words) of the paper
 * the affiliation, postal address, telephone, fax, and email (very
important) of the applicant
 * a one-paragraph cv of each participant
If audio-visual equipment is required, please indicate so in your
As before, applicants must abide by three golden rules:
 * No participant may be listed more than once on a given panel
 * No participant may present more than one paper at the convention
 * No participant may appear more than twice in the convention program
The proposals must be sent to Dominique Arel (address below). Email
applications are encouraged. An international Program Committee will
be entrusted with the selection.
Deadline for proposals: 7 December 2000
For information on panel and paper proposals:
Dominique Arel
ASN Convention Program Chair
Watson Institute
Brown University, Box 1831
130 Hope St.
Providence, RI 02912
401 863 9296 tel
401 863 2192 fax
For information on exhibits and advertisements in the convention
Gordon Bardos
Convention Director
Harriman Institute
Columbia University
1216 IAB
420 W. 118th St.
New York, NY 10027
212 854 8487 tel
212 666 3481 fax

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