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Dear Colleagues

We have recently published the following new title which may be of
interest to Ethnopolitics readers:

Reconcilable Differences: Turning Points in Ethnopolitical Conflict
Edited by Sean Byrne and Cynthia L. Irvin
Contributors: John A. Agnew, Kathleen A. Cavanaugh, Paul Dixon,
Miranda Duncan, Cynthia L. Irvin, Ho-Won Jeong, George J. McCall, John
D. Nagle, Frederic S. Pearson, Brian D. Polkinghorn, Mark Suprun,
Mitja Zagar.
Ethnic conflict is at the center of politics in divided societies.
Reconcilable Differences identifies the causes, responses to, and
consequences of ethnic conflict and its resolution, improving our
theoretical and practical understanding of the topic. It is
particularly relevant now, when intercommunal conflicts are becoming
more prominent in public debate.
The book demonstrates the important role of transformational conflict
resolution and peacebuilding in protracted ethnic conflicts. It
illustrates the value of synthesizing different disciplinary
approaches, including international relations, political science,
ethnic studies, conflict resolution, and sociology, and will be useful
in graduate and advanced undergraduate classes in all these
It is also specially relevant to policymakers because it looks both at
conflicts with institutional avenues for addressing grievances and at
those without established constitutional means for protecting minority
rights. Includes case studies from former Yugoslavia, South Africa,
Northern Ireland and the Basque Country.
Kumarian Press 2000, ISBN 1-56549-108-4 pb US$ 24.95 / GBP 19.95
ISBN 1-56549-109-2 cloth US$ 55.00 / GBP 45.95
Kumarian Press, West Hartford, CT, USA. 
E-mail: kpbooks@aol.com
Tel +1 860 233 5895 
Fax +1 860 233 6072.

Available in Europe through Worldview Publications, Oxford, UK. 
E-mail: sales@wvpub.com 
Tel +44 1865 201562 
Fax +44 1865 201906
Guy Bentham
Editor and Associate Publisher
Kumarian Press, Inc.

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