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Subject: Fwd: Roundtable on problems of Azeris in Georgia

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Fwd: Roundtable on problems of Azeris in Georgia 

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Roundtable on problems of Azeris in Georgia 

Baku, September 10, AssA-Irada 

A roundtable conference on "Strategic partnership between Azerbaijan
and Georgia: realities and prospects", organized by the PFPA
conservative wing, was held at the Press Club of Baku Monday. The
event was attended by the leader of Georgia-based Azeri national
movement "Geyrat" Alibaba Asgarov, member of Georgian parliament
Zumrud Gurbanov, leaders of political parties, political experts, etc.
Also invited was the consul of Georgia in Azerbaijan Mr. Tengiz

The objective of the event was to focus on the recent developments in
Borchali province of Georgia, which have been in international
limelight: Azeri schools are closing down, ethnic Azeris are not
promoted in service, denied land plots, etc. Speakers described these
phenomena as violation of human rights of Azeris and urged the
governments of the two countries to urgently interfere. 

Consul Kaladze said it was wrong to portray small problems into
inter-ethnic ones and vehemently dismissed the presence of
anti-Azerbaijan moods in his country. He explained the closure of
schools by the fact that there are not enough students, while the fact
that land plots are not being provided in borderline areas by the
national legislation, which was adopted under the circumstances of
struggle for territorial integrity. 

According to the consul, Azeris don't learn the Georgian language and
can't be promoted in service. In general, he also stated that there
are forces uninterested in the friendship between Azeri and Georgian

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