Roma Rights 2-3/2001: Government programmes on Roma

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Subject: Roma Rights 2-3/2001: Government programmes on Roma

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Roma Rights 2-3/2001: Government programmes on Roma

Roma Rights numbers 2 and 3, 2001, addresses the theme of "government
programmes on Roma". The articles in this issue offer a critical
analysis of the existing official programmes and policy-making
processes related to Roma in a number of countries in Europe. The
contents of Roma rights 2 and 3/2001, including links to files on the
ERRC website, follow:
Rights and policies
Dimitrina Petrova
Snapshots from around Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina * Bulgaria * Croatia * Cyprus * Czech Republic
* France * Hungary * Italy * Kosovo * Moldova * Romania * Russia *
Slovakia * United Kingdom * Yugoslavia
Field report
Insufficient: governmental programmes for Roma in Slovenia
Tatjana Perić
The Bulgarian Framework Programme for Equal Integration of Roma:
participation in the policy-making process
Rumyan Russinov
Spanish policy and Roma
Fernando Villarreal
Creative accounting: state spending on programmes for Roma in Hungary
Ernő Kadét
Crusts from the table: policy formation towards Roma in the Czech
Republic and Slovakia
Eva Sobotka
Not enough action: government policy on Roma in Greece
Theodoros Alexandridis
Greece criticised by the UN for its treatment of Roma
UN Human Rights Committee "deeply concerned" about the Czech
government's treatment of Roma
Veronika Leila Szente Goldston
ERRC press statement: Roma in the Macedonia conflict
Legal defence
An emerging consensus on the special needs of minorities: the lessons
of Chapman v. UK
Luke Clements
Romani language publications
Konvencia pala e manušikane čačimata, bazične slobode thaj lengo
arakhipen/protekcia - Romani language version of the substantive
provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental
Meet the ERRC
A salute to Romani colleagues and friends
Deborah Harding
Grant guidelines
Informacia andai stipendia (Grant guidelines in Romani)
Grants awarded

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