COLPI Job Announcement: Senior Legal Officer for Police Reform

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Subject: COLPI Job Announcement: Senior Legal Officer for Police Reform

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COLPI Job Announcement: Senior Legal Officer for Police

Title: Senior Legal Officer for Police Reform
Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute
The Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (COLPI) is the legal
reform support program of the Open Society Institute in Budapest. 
COLPI's mission is to contribute to the development of open societies
in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and
Mongolia through legal reform and support of basic rights and modern
democratic institutions.  An important aspect of this mission is to
help develop and strengthen the legal programs within the various
national Soros Foundations.  COLPI's regional scope may gradually
extend to some other parts of the world in the future.
Aimed at long-term impact, COLPI's activities are primarily designed
to assist in the development of reform policies and the legal
infrastructure within the countries of operation, including
legislation, judiciary, procuracy, access to justice and legal aid,
penitentiary and juvenile justice, police, media, anti-corruption, as
well as legal education institutions.  COLPI deals, in particular,
with issues related to human rights and fundamental freedoms, rule of
law, democracy and the protection of national minorities, with
emphasis on projects concerning the weaker groups within society
(e.g., detainees, women, children, ethnic minorities, and the mentally
COLPI seeks a Senior Legal Officer for Police Reform programs, to be
responsible for the overall design and implementation of COLPI's
police reform programs with a special emphasis on policy support for
the change of police structures in countries in transition, police
training and policing with the community.
The Senior Legal Officer will report directly to the Executive
Director of COLPI and will work with considerable independence to:
* identify priority areas for COLPI in the above-mentioned fields,
develop overall plans and recommendations, and make concrete plans for
the development and implementation of concrete projects in specific
countries or region-wide;
* conduct regular on-site visits in the countries of the CEE and the
fSU  and assist the National Soros Foundations and other partner
organizations in the development and, if necessary, implementation of
strategies, programs and projects in the above mentioned fields;
* conduct critical evaluation of the OSI programs in the area of
police reform, aimed at the development of policy recommendations;
* cooperate with international organizations, professionals in the
area of police reform, governmental agencies and policy-makers and
organize workshops, seminars and other kinds of bilateral and
multilateral events.
The successful candidate is expected to have:
* both conceptual and practical knowledge on the issues of police
reform in at least two countries, preferably one of them in the region
of COLPI's operation;
* preferably a law degree;
* at least several years of recent working experience on these issues,
including, where applicable, in law enforcement;
* a solid understanding of the issues and problems in the sphere of
police reform in general and, preferably, also in the region of the
former socialist countries;
* excellent knowledge of English and preferably one of the languages
of the region;
* excellent communication skills and ability to negotiate reform
programs with governmental officials and other partner institutions;
* strong research, writing, public speaking and management skills.
The position is based in Budapest and will require extensive travel. 
The position is available immediately.
Salary is commensurate with experience.  OSI offers generous benefits
in addition to competitive salaries.  Please, send resume and cover
letters to:
Adminconsult Rt.
Att. Mr. Martin Dunstone
Oktober 6. U. 12
Budapest, Hungary
Fax: +36-1-327-3133

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