International Session "Culture of Peace & Human Rights", Moscow, December 4-8, 2000

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Subject: International Session "Culture of Peace & Human Rights", Moscow, December 4-8, 2000

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International Session "Culture of Peace & Human Rights",
Moscow, December 4-8, 2000

Dear colleagues,
On December 4th - 8th, 2000 the Office of the Commissioner on Human
Rights in the Russian Federation, the Moscow Committee of Education,
the Moscow School of Human Rights, the International Society for Human
Rights are going to hold in Moscow the annual 10th International
Session "Culture of Peace, Human Rights - Content and Methods of
Education" (training for secondary schools teachers, higher schools
professors, instructors on social sciences, lecturers, managers of
educational institutions, social workers, NGOs representatives to
prepare them to human rights civic, democracy and peace education).
The session is carried out in the frameworks of the United Nations
Decade for Human Rights Education and International Decade for a
Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World.
Famous specialists in the sphere of law, political science, pedagogy,
etc., representing Russian and international organizations, take part
in the Session.
The following problems will be discussed:
- civic education: experience of open societies - problems of Russia;
- international norms on human rights, the rights of the child, and
mechanisms of their protection;
- human rights in the democratic and post-totalitarian states;
- human rights, culture of peace and non-violence education in the
system of general education (aims, content and methods of education
and upbringing);
- human rights and conflicts: ways of their resolution;
- novations in the human rights theory.
During the Session its participants will visit high and secondary
schools of Moscow, governmental institutions and human rights NGOs to
get acquainted with their work in these fields.
We invite your organisation, you in person and your colleagues to take
part in the Session. You may propose the theme of your report.
Training and literature stuff are free of charge for the participants.
Unfortunately we are not able to pay for your trip and stay in Russia.
Your participation in the Session will be a great helping for us.
Applications to participation in the Session are being accepted until
November 15, 2000 through the Internet at the Web site of the Moscow
School of Human Rights ( or or at the following address:
Moscow School of Human Rights
Myasnitskaya Street 47
Moscow K-84
Tel/fax: +7 (095) 207 55 46, 577 69 04

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