Krabakh NGOs vizit to Baku

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Subject: Krabakh NGOs vizit to Baku

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Krabakh NGOs vizit to Baku

A visit of non-government organizations representatives and
intellectuals of the Upper Garabakh to Baku.

September 3, 2001

A visit of delegation non-government organizations and intellectuals
from the Upper Garabakh to Baku is to take place from 4 to 11
September. This is the first time that the representatives of the
Upper Garabakh come to the capital of the republic not with the
purpose of participation in any multilateral events, but especially
for stirring up the dialogue with the Azerbaijan community. 

The membership, whose visit is realized due to financial support from
Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation (Azerbaijan) within the
framework of Civil Society program, consists of the representatives of
the Upper Garabakh Committee "Helsinki initiative-92", "Arpen" charity
fund, women committee of the Upper Garabakh, and also of social
scientists and journalists. A coordinator of Helsinki initiative-92 in
the Upper Garabakh Karen Oghandjanyan, who is a  well-known human
rights advocate used to take part in meetings with Azerbaijan
community, will head the delegation.   

The object of the visit is to establish  bilateral relations with
Azerbaijan NGOs, to discuss cooperation spheres between organizations
of civil society of the Upper Garabakh and the whole Azerbaijan, and
support  peace initiatives in the case of regulation of Garabakh

Holding a number of meetings with the representatives of the President
Apparatus of the Azerbaijan Republic with the leaders of the main
political parties, Azerbaijan delegation of PACE, and the NGOs,
involved in peacemaking programs and intellectuals' representatives is
to take place within the framework of the visit.

Development of joint projects on trust consolidation and data exchange
between NGOs and strengthening of the dialogue between intellectuals
of the Upper Garabakh, Baku and other Azerbaijan regions, are all in

The Open Society Institute (OSI) is a nonprofit organization belonging
to the network of organizations founded by George Soros. The goal of
OSI is to transform closed societies in open ones and to protect and
expand the values of existing open societies by funding and operating
an array of activities dealing with arts and culture broadly defined;
the strengthening of civil society; economic development and reform;
education at all levels and in diverse subject areas; human rights,
with special attention to the rights of marginalized groups; legal
reform and public administration; media and information, including
electronic communication and libraries; and public health.

For more information
please contact Rovshan Bagirov

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