Conference on Jews in a Changing World

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Subject: Conference on Jews in a Changing World

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Conference on Jews in a Changing World

Second international conference "Jews in a Changing World" took place in
Riga, Latvia on August 25-27, 1997. The conference was organized by the M.
Dubin Fund of the SHAMIR Association, Riga, Latvia; Memorial Foundation for
Jewish Culture, New York, USA; Latvian Academy of Science, Riga, Latvia; Ben
Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel; University of Latvia,
Riga, Latvia; Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Riga, Latvia. Co-
Chairmen: Prof.H.Branover (Israel) and Prof. R.Ferber (Latvia). Honorary
President of the Conference: N.Barkan, Chief Rabbi of Riga and Latvia 

Loose idea about the presentations delivered: 

Plenary session: 

- The role of Jews in a multicultural society (A.Kletskin, Latvia) 

- Jewish law and the legal system of Israel (E.Shochetman, Israel) 

- The future of European Jewry (round table discussion) 

Session I: Jews and the intellectual life of the Baltic states and Europe 

(Scientists and intellectuals of Jewish origin in Latvia by J.Stradinsh,
Latvia; Jewish thought and European culture by N.Gordeev, Russia; The
heritage of Shimon Dubnov by V.Dubnova, Russia; Jewish motifs in
contemporary Western European philosophy by E.Freiberga, Latvia; Jews and
the national state by L.Dribins, Latvia and more)

Session II: Humanities: Social Issues 

(Socio-cultural pecularities of Jews in post-Soviet Russia by R.Ryvkina,
Russia; 'Bi-nationals' among Russian Jews: a social portrait by L.Kosals,
Russia; Attitudes towards Jews and 'Jewish tolerance' in the USSR and post-
Soviet states by A.Levin, Russia and more)  

Session III: Humantities: Cultural Issues

(Cinematography as cultural dialogue by M.Chernenko, Russia; The phenomenon
of Russian Jewry by L.Stolovich, Estonia; Is the Merchant of Venice stuill a
Jew? by M.Mudure, Romania; The role and influence of a small Jewish
community on the formation of regional multicultural society in Estonia by A
.Dusman, Estonia and more) 

Session IV: Medical Ethics panel 

Session V: The State of Israel 

Session VI: Business Ethics panel 

Session VII: Humanities: Cultural and Religious Issues

(Zionism - secular messianism, as presented in Hebrew poetry by Y.Itzhaki,
Israel; CIS projects of teh Open University of Israel: results and
perspectives by I.Dotan and V.Libin, Israel; Jews in a democratic state:
freedom of religion or freedom of worship? by G.Kozlovsky, Switzerland and

Session VIII: Natural Science 

Session IX: The Holocaust 

(Lessons of the Holocaust and contemporary Russia by A.Gerber, Russia; The
Holocaust and ethnics: the reality of religious tradition in modern culture
by V.Malahov, Ukraine; The history of teh Holocaust in Latvia by M.
Zalmanovich, Israel and more) 

Session X: Humanities: Education Panel 

Session XI: Humanities: Philosophy and History 

It is apparenty worth mentioning that materials of the First international
conference "Jews in a Changing World" which had taken place in Riga on
August 28-29, 1995 have been just piblished in English (book over 300 pages)
. Please let me know if the content of the book is interesting for
subscribers, I will readily send an overview as a separate message. Maybe I
will also try to learn if the book is available by regular mail. 

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