Human Rights Internet Questionnaire

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Subject: Human Rights Internet Questionnaire

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Human Rights Internet Questionnaire 


Human Rights Internet ( is currently updating its 
organizational database, which contains information on more than 5,000
organizations around the world with a concern for human rights and social

Since this database will shortly go on-line, we would like the information
to be as comprehensive and as up-to-date as possible. HRIO will also be used
to produce a new hard-copy edition of the MASTERLIST, the telephone book of
the human rights community, which includes the names and acronyms of
organizations, postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail
addresses. For these tasks, we need your help. 

If you work with an organization concerned with human rights or social
justice, and your organization has not recently filled out a questionnaire
for us, please send a request to, and a questionnaire will be
sent to you. 

Britt Elliott, Human Rights Internet

Human Rights Internet (HRI), 8 York Street, Suite 202, Ottawa, Ontario K1N
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