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Subject: Latest issue of Roma Rights

The summer 1997 issue of Roma Rights, newsletter of the European Roma Rights
Center, is published. The content: 

- Editorial 

- The manufactured troubles of L'udovit Gorej (by Ina Zoon) - in particular,
on the citizenship problem for Roma or the former Czechoslovakia

- Snapshots from around the Europe (Mob violence against Roma in Poland;
Roma plaintiff wins civil suit contesting restaurant discrimination in
Hungary; Police officer convicted of murder of Romani man in Bulgaria;
Investigation quickly absolves Prague mayor of wrong-doing; Police abuse in
Pforzheim, southwest Germany; Police abuse of Roma in Pisek, Czech Republic
and more) 

- The Roma of the Ukraine in word and fact (by Claude Cahn)

- Race discrimination impact litigation in Eastern Europe (by James Goldston

- Bulgarian criminal court sentences skinheads for racially motivated murder
of a Romani man (by Nikolai Gughinski)

- Statement of the ERRC on the occassion of the acceptance of the Czech
Republic, Hungary and Poland into NATO

- Romani Holocaust (on April 4, 1997, a group of Romani and non-Romani
citizens lodged an official complaint against Josef Hejduk, who is presumed
to be the last surviving guard from thr internment camp at Lety, established
by the Czech government in 1940 for the detention of Roma...; Book review;
Survivor testimony from Poland; Memory needs a place by Sefedin Jonuz)

- Field report: Moldova (by Veronika Leila Szente) 

- Teaching the basics of human rights work (by Nidhi Trehan) 

- Grants awarded by the ERRC, April-June 1997

- Grants and scholarships available from the ERRC

- Jobs in the ERRC 

- Activities of the ERRC: April-July 1997

Dear friends and colleagues, 

We do not have formal subscription fees for the newsletter Roma Rights.
Unfortunately, the cost of producing and mailing any newsletter is high, and
Roma Rights is dependent upon the donations of its recipients for its
continued existence. We request a contribution to assist us to continue to
provide you regularly with Roma Rights, in an amount which you can
reasonably afford. We hope that individual donations will be between 10 and
50 USD and donations by organizations between 25 and 250 USD. Gifts of all
sizes are welcome, bank transfers are preferred to: 

European Roma Rights Center
B 110772, OTP Rt. 
1085-Budapest, Jozsef krt. 33

Best wishes, 

Dimitrina Petrova, 
Executive Director   
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