Women rights from Azerbaijan. From Rena Tagirova

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Subject: Women rights from Azerbaijan. From Rena Tagirova

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Women rights from Azerbaijan. From Rena Tagirova 

Dear friends!

My name is Rena Tagirova.
Recently I began working in the field of womens and childrens rights.
In Azerbaijan as well as in other countries of the former USSR this is a
very serious problem abecuse people are poorly informed about their rights.
Today I am working on a project, that involves the creation of a human
rights library for women. 
To do this I am interested in:
1. Literature, materials about international norms and laws regarding the
rights of women and children.
2. Information about various groups working on similar issues and about
publications on these issues.

I will be very grateful for any of your responses to my questions.

Thank you!

I may be contacted at:
E-mail :       arzu@hca.baku.az   (for Rena Tagirova)
Baku, Azerbaijan, 370014, 28 May Street, 3, apt. 11
Tel. 93-33-78 or 93-81-48,    fax 98-75-55
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