European Commission's Marie Curie Research Training Grants

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Subject:  European Commission's Marie Curie Research Training Grants

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European Commission's Marie Curie Research Training Grants

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick, UK is
eager to host visiting European scholars in the field of migration, refugees
and ethnic studies under the European Commission's new Training and Mobility
of Researchers Programme now called Marie Curie Research Training Grants. 

The European Commission Research and Training Grant Scheme provides
financial support for European researchers to develop and/or share their
skills and experience abroad. Programme, a budget of c.260 million ECU will
be awarded to 3000-4000 individuals under the TMR Programme. 

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER), at the University of
Warwick, is keen to support any applications from researchers who would like
to develop and share their skills and experience in the field of racism,
anti-racism, ethnic relations and migration. CRER is particularly keen to
support applications concerned with the study of relating to refugees and
asylum-seekers, multi-culturalism, citizenship and nationalism. 

As the United Kingdom leading academic centre for research and teaching on
race and ethnic relations matters, CRER provides an excellent environment
for researchers in the field. Successful applicants under the TMR programme
who are based at CRER, will be given access to CRER facilities, Resources
Centre, office accommodation, administrative support and University Library.

The next deadline for TMR applications is 15th September  1997. 

Interested persons should contact CRER for further details and to obtain the
necessary support for their applications. 

For further details about CRER and the TMR programme contact: 

Patrick Roach 
Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations 
University of Warwick 
Coventry, CV4 7AL
United Kingdom 
Tel: + 44 1203 524956
Fax: +44 1203 524324

Note a bit discouraging for some list subscribers: it is stated in enclosed
documents that applicants must be either nationals of a EU Member State or
of an Associated State... BTW, a tricky question: may this requirement be
considered discriminating against permanent resident non-citizens of Latvia
and Estonia? 

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