Minority NGOs in Azerbaijan

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 17:00:02 -0500
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Subject: Minority NGOs in Azerbaijan

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The following is information about NGOs dealing with the problems of
minorities. I hope it is sufficient for including to MINELRES WWW.
Information about other NGOs working on these problems we will send later.


Telman Yolchiyev
Information and Training Coordinator
ISAR-Azerbaijan (NGO Support Center in Azerbaijan)

Moderator adds: Thank you, Telman! The data on minority-related NGOs in
Azerbaijan have been placed on the WWW (see NGO/Research organizations page)
. I hope to add information on relevant NGOs in Latvia soon. I have also got
the list on Lithuania's minority NGOs, but it is in Lithuanian language
which is still rather different from Latvian, so, translation will take some
time... Similar data on NGOs in other countries of the region would be much

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