Two publications of the Institute for WAR & Peace Reporting

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Subject:  Two publications of the Institute for WAR & Peace Reporting

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Two publications of the Institute for WAR & Peace Reporting

Content of the 'Warreport' No.52, June/July 1997: 

- Turkey: The Turkish Generals' Pyrrhic Victories (by Thomas Goltz) 
- Albania: The Quest for Compromise (by Andi Bejtja)
- Bosnia: Not So Quick Start (by Colin Soloway) 
- Serbia: Unhappy Together (by Dejan Anastasijevic)
- Kosovo: Last Refuge of a Scoundrel (by Gordana Igric) 
- Croatia: Franjo Stays, Voters Stay Away (by Zoran Daskalovic)
                Down by Law (by Drago Hedl) 
- Media: Free Enterprise or Free Press in Bulgaria (by Christopher Karadjov)

- Russia: THe Army's Last Chance (by Vadim Soloviev) 
- Chechnya: Ichkeria Emerges (by Robert Chenciner) 
- Dagestan: Clash of Faith (by Enver Kisriev) 
- Abkhazia: Talking at Cross Purposes (by Renat Karchaa) 

Special feature: Insecurity at the European Frontiers: NATO & the OSCE in
the Conflict Zones 

- Introduction: The Fate of Left-Outs (by Pierre Hassner) 
- Debate: Expanding Security (by Margot Light) 
- Debate: Exporting Stability (by JAne M.O.Sharp 
- Balkans: Enlargement in the Balkan Mirror (by James Gow) 
- Romania: The Central European Divide (by Gabriel Andreesku)
- Bulgaria: Edging Away from Moscow (Ivo Maev)
- Albania: Collective Security Unravelled (by Marcella Favretto & Tasos
- Macedonia: Limbo in the South (by Eran Fraenkel) 
- Slovenia: Down in the Second Division (by Peter Jancic) 
- Caucasus: Keeping Peace or Preserving Conflicts? (by S.Neil MacFarlane) 
- Russia: Going It Alone in the Caucasus (Pavel K.Baev)   
- Chechnya: Securing an International Peace at the Table (by Christer
- Georgia: On the Outskirts of Empire (by George Khutsishvili) 
- Karabakh: Internationalising the Enclave (by Hratch Tchilingirian)
- Armenia: Managing the Turkish Threat (by M.Der Manuelian & N.Mkrtchian)
- Azerbaijan: Searching for Security (by Elhan Shahin-oglu Guliev) 

Content of the 'Tribunal' No.9, June/July 1997: 

- Tadic Verdict Reactions (by Dejan Anastasijevic in Belgrade and Rasim
Cerimagic in Sarajevo) 

- Rwanda Tribunal in Hostile Surrounding (by John Githongo in Nairobi) 

- A Blow to Human Rights (by Niccolo Figa-Talamanca) 

- The Tribunal Proves Itself (by Mirko Klarin in The Hague) 

- Criminals or Heroes? (by Tanja Tagirov in Zagreb) 

- and more


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