Positive and Negative Stereotypes in the Balkan Media

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Subject: Positive and Negative Stereotypes in the Balkan Media

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Positive and Negative Stereotypes in the Balkan Media: June  1997


Balkan Neighbors: Positive and Negative Stereotypes in the Media of Seven
Balkan Countries. Summary of the June 1997 Monitoring. 

Mariana Lenkova

The Project "Balkan Neighbors" involves teams which monitor the main print
media in seven Balkan countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia,
Romania, Serbia and Turkey. The Project, coordinated by ACCESS, a Sofia-
based NGO, started in October 1996 and is funded by the Open Society
Institute, Budapest. On the basis of the monthly national reports, Mariana
Lenkova of the Greek Helsinki Monitor is responsible for the preparation of
regional summaries. This summary is based on the June reports only from
Greece and  the FRY. Unfortunately, by the end of July 1997, no one of the
other national reports was available in the form agreed upon by the project
coordinators in their April 1997 meeting. 

Panayote Elias Dimitras
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Minority Rights Group - Greece
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e-mail: helsinki@compulink.gr

MODERATOR ADDS: full texts of the four reports mentioned above (on Greece
and Yugoslavia for May and June) are available by request from the MINELRES
moderator. I believe the materials are of great use for those who are
interested in the problem of mutual ethnic stereotypes. Common volume of the
files is about 40 Kb.   

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