Two latest issues of "Transitions"

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Subject: Two latest issues of "Transitions"

Two more issues of "Transitions" (subtitle Changes in Post-Communist
Societies) have been published within short time. To save the space, I will
not repeat the decsription of the magazine posted not long ago (interested
subscribers are welcome to ask the moderator  directly). 

Brief overview of the contents of the two latest "Transitions" issues: 

Vol.4 No.2, July 1997: 

- from the Editor: Guilt, Shame and Honor 

- Notes from along the way: Russia: Yeltsin;s 'Super Harvest' (treaties with
Chechnya, Belarus, Ukraine, and NATO all signed in May meant); Russian Rent
Hikes; Are the Czech Republic's good times gone?; and other reports/analyses
from Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Eastern and Central Europe

- Russia-NATO (points made by Yeltsin and A.Lebed)

- Albania: one way or another

- Bosnia: Five generations of Guilt, Shame and Honor (by Chuck Sudetic)

- One more piece on Bosnia: Much too much history to bear (by Stevan M.Weine

- Goodbye (and Good Riddance?) to De-Communization (by J.F.Brown): Can
former communist societies come to terms with their past by identifying and
bringing to justice those who bear the most responsibility fro their
oppression? Or are those societies better of acknowledging widespread
complicity fro the totalitarian past and moving on to more practical matters

- Russia prefers to forget (by John Varoli): After the initial surge of
enthusiasm for disinterring the dark secrets of the Soviet era, amnesia and
apathy toward the victims of communist repressions now prevail 

- In Serbia, tragedy without catharsis (by Gordana Igric)

- The File (by Timothy Garton Ash): By opening the files kept by the East
German secret police, Germany began to shed light on the web of complicity
and guilt woven by citizens who had been encouraged to spy and betray

- My theory about secret services (by Peter Scneider, also on Stasi) 

- Injustice by law (by Timothy W.Ryback): Europe has seen its share of
discriminatory laws, but the Czech Republic may be upholding a law that is a
new entry in the catalog of questionable legislation - a law aimed expressly
at one aristocratic family

- Albania's fledgling democracy runs aground (by Fabian Schmidt)

- Cliques and clans and aid to Russia (by Janine R.Wedel)

- Slovakia courts the European club (by Adrian Evtuhovici)

- A double standard for NATO (by Anton Bebler) 

- Defending the defenders of democracy (by Herman Schwartz): Despite a
tradition of servility to totalitarian rulers, many judges in former
communist countries have shown surprising independence and courage in
defending constitutional democracy. But those judges' own battles with those
in power have been largely overlooked

- Why is Bulgaria a land of failed reforms? (by Michael Wyzan)

- Cartoons

- Media watch

- Still being spied upon (by Anne Nivat): A Czech journalist encounters the
post-1989 secret police

- Books

- Point - Counter Point: Is the Uzbek model working? (Sodyg Safaev, Andrew

Vol.4 No.3, August 1997: 

- Notes from along the way: Russia ("wage appears are impossible to re-pay,
they are too big", S.Kalashnikov states); Peace comes to Tajikistan; notehr
former premier in Ukraine; A political triangle in Republika Srpska and more

- In their own words: Russia: Yeltsin's decree on yearly reports on income
and assets for state officials; Croatia: Keeping peace on track; Russia: a
legend dies (death of Bulat Okudzava)

- Slovakia's lonely independence (by Martin Simecka) 

- Czechs fall from their ivory tower (by Jiri Pehe)

- All is well in 'Tudjmanistan' (by Patrick Moore) 

- 'Dont' fool around with principles' (interview with Michael Steiner) 

- A new role model for Armenia (by David Petrosyan) 

- No war, no peace in Nagorno-Karabakh (by Emil Danielyan)

- The loud voice of teh NATO-Russian Council (by Harvey Sicherman)

- Russian health care in critical condition (by Judyth L.Twigg)

- From goulash socialism to Vichyssoise capitalism (by Kalman Mizsei)

- Betting on Kings: Can a king  - or want-to-be-king - come home again?
Would-be subjects in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia aren't sure
whether monarchs are a thing of the past or the hope for future

- 'Western values are cliches' - interview with A.Prokhanov, editor in chief
of the right-wing Russian weekly 'Zavtra'

- Cartoons

- Books

- Point - Counter Point: Should the state help the post-Soviet poor? (Anders
Aslund, Simon Clarke)
- Media watch

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