Ukrainian NGO looks for cooperation

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 11:30:34 +0300 (EET DST)
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Subject: Ukrainian NGO looks for cooperation

From: MINELRES moderator <>

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Ukrainian NGO looks for cooperation

Dear colleagues,
Center for Societies in-Crisis Studies (CSCS) is non-governmental
organization in Ukraine dedicated to carrying out researches of
national political, financial and economic crisis in various countries
of the world as well as of foreign anti-crisis programs and
experiences with the purpose to adapt them in Ukraine. Research of
civil crisis and international integration collisions are also among
the main purposes.

We are looking for cooperation (information exchange, joint research
projects, consulting etc.) with all those interested in our analitical
abilities, informational resources, ukranian expertize on the concrete
issues in the mentioned above broad frames and general development of
scientific cooperation with Ukraine.
President - Yevgen Kaminsky, Ph.D., Professor (Political Science),
Head of Department of European and American Studies at the Institute
of World Economy and International Relations.
B.Khmelnitsky Street       
33/34, CSCS (office 3)   
Kiev, Ukraine, 252030    

tel      +380 (044) 2294022
fax      +380 (044) 2465773

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