New publication: OSCE Yearbook 1998

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Subject: New publication: OSCE Yearbook 1998

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New publication: OSCE Yearbook 1998

Meanwhile in the fifth year, the Institute for Peace Research and
Security Policy at the University of Hamburg, in co-operation with
international co-editors, is editing the OSZE-Jahrbuch/OSCE Yearbook
which, since 1996, is also published regularly in an English-language
version. The Yearbook's German version is usually published in
October, the English edition follows the spring after. There is also a
Russian edition.
The OSCE Yearbook 1998 contains:
Bronislaw Geremek: Preface  11
Kurt P. Tudyka: Foreword  13
Dieter S. Lutz: Introduction  17
I. The Situation
OSCE: Developments and Prospects
Bronislaw Geremek: The Organization for Security and Co-operation in 
Europe - Its Development and Prospects  27

Niels Helveg Petersen: OSCE: Developments and Prospects  37

Nikolai Afanasievski: The OSCE - The Present and Future of European
Security 49

The Strengthening of the OSCE in the Light of NATO Enlargement
Dieter S. Lutz: Strengthen the OSCE - The Strengths of the OSCE 59

Kurt P. Tudyka: The Quartet of European Institutions and Its Prospects

Adam Daniel Rotfeld: European Security: The New Role of NATO and the

Pal Dunay: Be Realistic: The OSCE Will Keep Confronting New Problems

The Interests and the Commitment of the OSCE States
Janne Haaland Matlary: The OSCE's Role in European Security - A
Norwegian View 131

Nils Daag: The New OSCE: From Words to Deeds -  A Swedish View on the
Past, the Present and the Future  139

Kari Mottola: Finland and the OSCE  145

Ginte Damusis: Lithuania and the OSCE  165

II. Instruments, Responsibilities, Mechanisms and Procedures Conflict
Prevention and Settlement of Disputes
Franz Vranitzky: The OSCE Presence in Albania  177

Jens Reuter: Kosovo 1998  183

Elena Drozdik: The Difficult Business of Perception - OSCE Observers
in Croatia 195

Heinz Timmermann: The OSCE Representation in Belarus  203

Herbert Grubmayr: Problems and Difficulties of the OSCE's Long-Term
Missions 217

Hansjorg Eiff: Autonomy as a Method of Conflict Management and
Protection of Minorities within the OSCE Framework  233

Gerald Hesztera: The Future of the Civilian Police within the OSCE
Framework 243

The Human Dimension and the Development of Democracy
Farimah Daftary: The Third OSCE Implementation Meeting on Human
Dimension Issues in Warsaw, 1997  251

Gret Haller: Human Rights Protection in the Field of Action of the
Council of Europe and the OSCE  271

The Building of Co-operative Security
Bernard von Plate:  European Security Architecture for the 21st
Century 291

Heinz Vetschera: The Role of the OSCE in the Military Stabilization of
Bosnia and Herzegovina  305

Hans-Georg Ehrhart: Prevention and Regional Security: The Royaumont
Process and the Stabilization of South-Eastern Europe  327

Monika Wohlfeld: The OSCE and Subregional Co-operation in Europe 347

Economic Transformation and Limitation of New Risks
Thomas L. Price/Ryan S. Lester: The OSCE's Economic Dimension on the
Eve of the 21st Century  359

III. Organizational Aspects 

OSCE Institutions and Structures
Victor-Yves Ghebali: The Decisions of the Sixth Ministerial Council
Meeting of the OSCE  375

Paulina Merino: The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human
Rights 383

Werner Deutsch: Financing of the OSCE  393

External Relations and Influences
Fathi El-Shazly: Egypt's View on Co-operation with the OSCE  411

Jutta Gutzkow: The Council of Europe and the OSCE: How to Ensure
Complementarity and Partnership?  417
Sixth Meeting  of the Ministerial Council, Copenhagen, 18-19 December
1997 431

Annual Report of the OSCE Secretary General 1997  459

Forms and Fora of Co-operation in the OSCE Area  517

The 55 OSCE Participating States - Facts and Figures  519

OSCE Seminars and Conferences 1997/1998  535

OSCE Selected Bibliography 1997/1998  541

Acronyms  549

Contributors  551
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