17 July seminar on Armenian and Kurdish Genocides

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Subject: 17 July seminar on Armenian and Kurdish Genocides

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17 July seminar on Armenian and Kurdish Genocides

Invitation to the Seminar
Saturday, 17 July, 2-5pm

The Armenian and Kurdish Genocides: Threads of continuity and change,
The genocides of Armenians and Kurds constitute two of the most
momentous developments in the history of the modern Middle East. Even
today, Turkish state authorities and their supporters continue the
brutal repression of millions of Kurds, as well as the obfuscation and
denial of Turkey's genocidal record. Eastern Turkey has been denuded
of its native Armenian population - probably the largest single group
in the region at the beginning of this century - while its indigenous
Kurdish population has been subjected to a policy of systemic
repression and Turkification.
This seminar examines the relationship between the Armenian and
Kurdish genocides in Turkey between 1915-1999, and the acquiescence,
if not criminal culpability, of western academics, politicians and
international institutions and governments in the denial of this
Desmond Fernandes and Ara Sarafian will present two complementary
The main contributions will be followed by a formal discussion with
invited guests including Dr Kamal Mirawdeli of the Kurdistan National
Congress (KNC) who will present the view of the KNC in the context of
recent developments in Kurdistan and Turkey. Dr Mirawdeli is a Kurdish
writer and journalist, the Secretary of the National Council for Peace
in Kurdistan, and a member of the Information Commission of the KNC.
Gareth Peirce, the internationally renowned solicitor, will be
contributing to the debate discussing issues related to the proposed
international human rights hearing charging the Turkish government
with crimes against humanity and genocide. The floor will then be
opened to the audience for further discussion.
The seminar will be held on Saturday, 17 July 1999, from 2.00 - 5.00pm
at the Council Chambers, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1.
This event is organised by the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, the
British Committee for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the
United Kurdish Committee - UK and supported by the Lobby for Cyprus.
For information call 0171 250 1315, Fax 0171 250 1317.

Desmond Fernandes is the Co-ordinator of the Institute of Tourism and
Development Studies, De Montfort University, Bedford, England. He has
written extensively on issues relating to "deep politics", genocide,
the nuclear estate, Turkish state terror, tourism and the environment.
Ara Sarafian is a research scholar specialising in late Ottoman and
modern Turkish history. He is currently co-editor of the "Armenian
Forum", a Journal of Contemporary Affairs, published by the Gomidas
Institute in Princetown, New Jersey, USA and he is the academic
advisor of the British Committee for the Recognition of the Armenian
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish
Patrons: Lord Avebury, Harold Pinter, Noam Chomsky, Arthur Miller
44 Ainger Road, London NW3 3AT
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