Appeal for help to find Kosova students

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Subject: Appeal for help to find Kosova students

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Appeal for help to find Kosova students

Dear Media and organisational colleagues!
I'm writing you because ESIB - The National Unions of Students in
Europe - is organising a project for students in Prishtina. Initially
the project was intended to take place in Camp Radusa, Macedonia.
Since this camp is now empty the project will take place four days in
Skopje (17-20 july) and 3 days in Prishtina (21-23 july).
ESIB is therefore in search of Kosova student organisations or
students in Prishtina or Skopje. Because of the situation in Kosova
over the last three months ESIB has lost contact with all earlier
student contacts. We hope that you either through your media access or
organisational links will be able to spread information on the project
to students from Kosova.
Attached is a file with the description of the project. ESIB would be
very grateful if you would in any way be able to help us distribute
this information or maybe give us information on how to contact the
Yours Sincerely
Peter Sondergaard,
Mobile +4520228960
ESIB - The National Unions of Students exists since 1982 to promote
the educational, social, economic and cultural interest of students at
a European level towards all relevant institutions and organizations.
Currently, ESIB has 35 full and 2 candidate members coming from 31
countries, meaning that ESIB represents more than 6 million of
students in Europe. 1999 ESIB projects are on: Student Involvement in
Democracy/Universities as Cites of Citizenship, Student Perspective on
Quality in Higher Education, Project on "Looking to the Future" for
students refugees from Kosova and on ICT in Higher Education. Recent
ESIB Conferences coming up are on: Student Social Welfare and
Financing (October, Cyprus) and World Student Congress on Trends in HE
(October, Cyprus).
ESIB - The National Unions of Students in Europe
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A-1090 Vienna
tel. + 43 1 310 888 048
fax. + 43 1 310 888 012/036

The National Unions of Students in Europe
Liechtensteinstrasse 13, 1090 Wien.  Austria.
Tel: +43/1/310 888 048  Fax: +43/1/310 888 012 or 036
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July 5, 1999

"Looking to the future"

- Regeneration project for students from Kosova to take place in 
Skopje and partly Prishtina from July 17 - July 24, 1999. The project
is organised by The National Unions of Students in Europe (ESIB) in
cooperation with the National Student Union of Macedonia (NSUM).

The crisis in Kosova has not been caused by the students, however it
has devastating effects on their future. Students have in history
played an important role in shaping and developing societies.
Especially values of democracy and human rights have been at center of
their aims. The rebuilding of the Kosova society should be done on
these exact values. The European students feel obliged to help our
Kosova colleagues in these hard times. This feeling of shared
responsibility is the basic motivation for ESIB and NSUM committing
themselves to the success of the project.

With aim to assist students from Kosova in organizing themselves and
taking an active role in rebuilding the higher educational system and
the society a week-long the project has been prepared. In order to
initiate cooperation and dialogue between European students and
students from Kosova following discussions in workshops will take
- the former educational system in Kosova;
- the rebuilding of the educational system in Kosova;
- chances of continuing studies abroad for Kosovan students;
- the role of students in society;
- student self-government and participation;
- future educational projects in Kosova;
- international cooperation of Kosova students.

- 4  days (July 17-20) workshops for students stationed with families
in Skopje, Tetovo and surrounding: 30 students from Kosova, 7 students
facilitators from abroad: Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden,
Norway and about 10 students from Macedonia. The workshops will take
place in the university building, (according to discussions with prof.
Savo Cvetanovski, Vice Rector for International Cooperation) all
participants will be accommodated in the dormitories. 

- 3-days workshops for students in Pristina: 30 students from
Pristina, 7 students facilitators from abroad. The workshop will
(according to discussions with rector of University in Pristina dr.
Kelmendi) take place in the university, the facilitators will be
driving every day from Skopje. ESIB representatives will also take
part in the meeting organised by CRE which is taking place from July
21-23 in Pristina on Support for Higher Educational System in Kosova.
We are hoping that some participants of the meeting will be able to
spend some time also with students in our workshops.

Additionally to the workshops mentioned above, we are preparing
information on short-term study possibilities in other European
countries which is provided to us by student organizations and
rectors´associations. Also, we are bringing a student journalist from
Trinity News from Ireland to be preparing daily press releases,
articles, interviews and finally report of the event to be submitted
to all relevant organizations and institutions as well as media.
Since our expenditures with this new version of the project much
differentiate we are in need for looking for additional (matching)
funds to the received grant .

In long term ESIB will try to find support for organised student
groups in Kosovo to set up an office which would:
- collect and further distribute information on projects running for
students in Kosovo, possibilities of short-term study abroad, need for
student help in work at the university, etc.;
- plan and organise projects for students in Kosova as well as
international student event for students from the region and
- be a contact body to university officials as well as other
insitution when needing student input, activities, etc.

For further imformation please contact Manja Klemencic or Uros Vaigl
on phone +43 310 888 048 or +43 664 358 8514 or on e-mails or

Yours Sincerely

Manja Klemencic
ESIB director

ESIB - The National Unions of Students in Europe was established in
1982. ESIB exists to promote the educational, social, economic and
cultural interests of students at a European level towards all
relevant organisations.  ESIB currently has 37  members coming from 31
countries, meaning that ESIB - through its member National Unions of
Students (NUSes) - represents more than 6 million students in Europe.

National Student Union of Macedonia (NSUM) was established in 1949.
After the decay of the Former Yugoslavia, NSUM suffered a lot of
changes to the final reestablishment in 1991. Since then, NSUM has
enlarged its membership and strengthened in every way. NSUM is a
non-governmental and non-political organisation. It unites all the
Macedonian students, regardless of religion, nationality, race or sex.
The main aims and objectives are to protect Macedonian students'
interests in educational issues and social welfare, and to represent
them internationally and at home.

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