New Project Proposal for Ukraine on Education and National Minorities

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Subject: New Project Proposal for Ukraine on Education and National Minorities

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New Project Proposal for Ukraine on Education and National

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Dear all:
The Ukrainian Legal Foundation is going to start a new project in
co-operation with the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education
of Ukraine.
With best regards,
Larysa Denysenko

EU-CoE Joint Programme "National Minorities in Europe"  
Project Proposal for Ukraine

Project Summary:

The project will provide support and consultancy for the legislative
and policy frameworks needed for the development of the education
system, in particular higher education, with regard to the national
minorities and formerly deported peoples (FDP) in Ukraine.  In the
first phase, a seminar bringing together relevant officials and
representatives will determine the objectives and expected outcomes of
educational policy for national minorities and FDP in Ukraine.  In the
second phase, precise legislative formulations and implementation
mechanisms will be developed by a working group together with the
President's Administration, the Ministry of Education, the State
Committee for National Minorities and Migration, and the Ministry of
Justice. The Ukrainian Legal Foundation will perform as an
implementing partner operating on the basis of Agreement with the
Ministry of Education.

Project Background:

The Ukrainian authorities are doing important work towards the
development of Ukrainian legislation related to refugees, national
minorities and FDP. The Legislative Reform Programme for Higher
Education (LRP) has been working together with the Ukrainian Ministry
of Education towards new legislation on education (1998) and on higher
education (1999). This work is targeted at elimination of all forms of
discrimination and the protection of human rights.  Issues relating to
ensuring the quality of, and access to, education for national
minorities and FDP is a pressing concern which draws the Ukrainian
authorities, NGOs and the Council of Europe together with a common

Reason for Engagement:

As a full member of the Council of Europe, Ukraine has undertaken the
commitment, particularly in areas crucial to social cohesion, to meet
the standards of human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of
law.  The contribution of the education sector to these urgently
needed reforms is indispensable.  In this regard co-operation between
the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, with
the Ukrainian Legal Foundation as an implementing partner, will
fruitfully bring both expertise in the legal status of national
minorities/FDP and in educational reform to bear upon the
policy-making process facing Ukraine.

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