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Subject: Re: Azerbajan: case on insult of President

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Re: Azerbajan: case on insult of President

>Please, grant your attention for the case of Ashraf Mehdiyev. The
>court of the country pretended to be democratic one accepted the 
> case on insult of President who was suspected by the defendant 
> that has not Azeri but Kurdish origin. From what time allegation 
> on the Kurdish origin became so offensive and basis for the 
> criminal (!) persecution?
The "criminal" himself is very complex man. During 7 years of his
chairmanship of the Association of the Victims of Political
Repressions he did open no one memorial for them, didn't campaign
against the abolishment of the privileges for the survivors. He became
active only in 1998, when has unsuccessfully tried to be a President.
He in practice ignored the fate of 900 today's political prisoners,
but established the ad hoc committee for protection of own rights.
So, I don't appeal to protect him as a political and public activist.
But the precedent must be rejected when the allegation on the ethnic
origin becomes a basis for criminal persection.
>I'm not surprized therefore that British Ambassador (as IHF and me)
>considers Azerbaijan as not ready to be a CoE member.
I saw him a couple of day ago, and he stated that the journalists
perverted his words and that he formulated that by more diplomatic
way: if Azerbaijan would be ready, it would be already adopted to the
organization where it appliead in 1996 to. For me, it's the same one.
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