Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program

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Subject: Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program

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Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program

Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program
Academic year 2001-2002
The Open Society Institute (OSI) announces a new scholarship program
for eligible Romani students at the university level.  The funds for
this memorial program derive from gold looted by the Nazis during
World War II and held by the Allied powers since then.  A portion of
the funds from the gold were allocated for Roma. These funds are
supplemented by OSI.
Roma who are eligible will (a) have been accepted at a recognized
Central or East European university in their home country or country
of residence as a first year student in the fall of 2001 or (b)
already be enrolled at such a university in the second or higher
years.  Preference will be given to those studying humanities or
social sciences  economics,  political science, journalism, sociology 
, or medicine, public health, computer sciences, urban planning. 
[Roma seeking scholarships in law and public administration should
apply to the European Roma Rights Center.]
Eligibility Criteria
Scholarship winners must come from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia.  [Other countries may be added
later.] They must demonstrate:
financial need including employment status and income of parents,
number of children in the family, etc.;
acceptance at a recognized university in your own country for first
year students, or most recent transcript of grades and exams for
already enrolled students;
acknowledgement of being Roma and interest in Roma issues or Roma
Scholarship Awards
Scholarships normally will cover tuition; partial living expenses;
books and fees related to higher education, such as exam fees. 
Scholarships may be awarded for up to 5 years subject to successful
completion of the prior academic year.  Annually such awardees must
present official transcripts of grades and exams in their own language
plus their annual statement outlining their activities related to the
Roma community to the Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program  in
Budapest in order to obtain release of second and future year funds.
Application Process
Each candidate must submit a complete application at the same time in
English or his/her own national language. The complete application
will consist of:
a letter of interest stating your needs and the name of university and
faculty you have been accepted to;
a certificate from the university in the country of one's residence
showing: that the applicant is enrolled for the current academic year;
the cost of tuition and exam fees for the current academic year (if
the applicant's grades (an official transcript) from the previous year
(if applicable)
an annual statement on what you have done to further Roma issues in
your community;
an itemized annual budget showing expenses for tuition, books, fees,
living expenses, bank transfer costs which are not covered by
state/government budgets or sources other than this Roma Memorial
University Scholarship, name, title and contact telephone number or
address of at least one person (other than a relative) who can provide
a recommendation of the applicant's academic and leadership potential
and his/her commitment to the Roma. This may include a secondary
school teacher, a university professor, a local community leader, or
Roma NGO leader, the applicants' full banking information: bank name,
bank address, bank account number, SWIFT number, and correspondence
A. Application Deadlines
For the autumn semester 2001, all completed applications must be
received no later than August 30, 2001.
For the spring semester 2002, all applications must be received no
later than January 15, 2002.
NB: For Hungary due to the late start of the university year, the
deadlines will be September 24 for the autumn semester and February 28
for the spring semester.
B. Send your applications to:
Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program
Open Society Institute
Oktober 6. utca 12.
Budapest, H-1051
Fax: +36.1.327.3101
A selection committee of three Roma from different countries will make
the final selection with advice from the national foundations of the
Soros network.
Annual Awards are expected to be in the range of $500 - $1000.
The European Roma Rights Center is an international public interest
law organisation which monitors the rights of Roma and provides legal
defence in cases of human rights abuse. For more information about the
European Roma Rights Center, visit the ERRC on the web at
European Roma Rights Center
1386 Budapest 62
P.O. Box 906/93
Phone: +36 1 4132200
Fax:   +36 1 4132201
The European Roma Rights Center is dependent upon the generosity of
individual donors for its continued existence. If you believe the ERRC
performs a service valuable to the public, please join in enabling its
future with a contribution. Gifts of all sizes are welcome; bank
transfers are preferred. Please send your contribution to:
European Roma Rights Center
Budapest Bank Rt.
1054 Budapest
Bathory utca 1
For correspondence, please use
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