Dialogue on minority and cultural rights in a future Europe

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Subject: Dialogue on minority and cultural rights in a future Europe

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Dialogue on minority and cultural rights in a future Europe

"Young Europeans debate minorities and cultural rights in a future
The Minority Course 2000 for young Europeans active in NGOs is carried
through from July 2nd to July 29th at Hojskolen Ostersoen in Denmark.
For the 4th time 65 young Europeans, this year representing 34
different national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, will meet for
a month to discover European cultural diversity while discussing
minority rights and the future of Europe.
A special feature of this year's Course will be minorities in relation
to media and new information and communication technology. As an
unavoidable question of modern democracy, how can minorities get their
story through the media? The Chief Editor of the independent minority
news agency Eurolang Mr John Walsh, Panayote Dimitras and Nafsika
Papanikolatos of Minority Rights Group - Greece and the newspapers of
the Danish and German minorities in the Danish-German border region
will contribute to this dimension of the Course. The Minority Course
2000 also contains 2 one-week study visits to Westfrisia and
For detailed programmes of the Danish, Frisian and Transylvanian part
of the Minority Course 2000, please visit the website of the project
Peoplesite at http://www.people.hojoster.dk. The results of the
Minority Course 2000, including articles written by the participants,
some specifically addressing the minority situation in Transylvania,
and a comprehensive list and description of minority media in Europe,
will be available at the site after the conclusion of the event.
We invite Europe to participate digitally in the Minority Course 2000
by submitting questions to either the above mentioned lecturers or to
participants with particular national, cultural or linguistic
backgrounds. Questions can be submitted in special debate forums at
Peoplesite (a list of the participant's backgrounds can be found
The Minority Course 2000 will be concluded with a unique European
conference with the title "Visions for Europe and European Democracy,
Intercultural Dialogue within Non-formal Adult Education" from July
26th to July 28th 2000.
The conference is aimed at examining and debating ways to promote
European dialogue with the Minority Courses and non-formal education
(the frame of the Minority Course) as the point of departure for the
debate. The basic idea is to bring together young European NGOs with
politicians, professionals and various European organisations in order
to inspire each other, evaluate the benefits of non-formal education
in relation to developing a European dimension of an active
citizenship, and generally bring forward dialogue between the cultures
of Europe. The conference is organised in co-operation with
Association for Community Colleges (http://www.acc.eu.org) and
Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark.
Beside 65 Minority Course 2000 participants, 30 former Minority Course
participants especially invited, the general public, there will be
participation and contributions by representatives of the European
Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Danish
Minister of Education, Association for Community Colleges, the
Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark, Association for World
Education and others. The programme is available on Peoplesite.
We invite you to submit questions or comments on how to promote
European dialogue and a European dimension of an active citizenship on
Peoplesite to be included in the conference. A report on the results
of the conference will eventually be available at Peoplesite.
For information in general, you are welcome to contact the
co-ordinator of the Minority Course 2000 and the Visions for Europe
conference Jesper Nielsen at jen@hojoster.dk
Denmark June 2000
Jesper Nielsen, co-ordinator
Jesper Nielsen, Project Co-ordinator
Minority Course - Peoplesite www.people.hojoster.dk
Hojskolen Ostersoen
Flensborgvej 48
6200 Aabenraa
Telephone: +45 74 62 47 00
Fax: +45 74 62 47 01

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